Wanted: Housing


  • 2 bed (possibly 1 if big apartment)
  • 2 bath (possibly 1)
  • PET FRIENDLY (Obvi. Katinka is our baby- this is the hardest part about finding housing)
  • Cheaper than where we live now
  • Closer than where we live now (live off of Geneva by UVU & Walmart across the highway)
  • Location: Anywhere really- but closer to campus
    • Sadly we will move out of the ward for housing if necessary! I love our ward though!
  • BIG or have a garage/storage unit area attached (we would prefer NOT to get a storage unit for extra stuff -which we definately have- so the bigger the better)
  • Quality depends because if it is bigger we'll go down in nice-ness
  • Washer/Dryer in unit OR W/D hookups (we got a ghetto set for real cheap thanks to Craigslist)
  • Dishwasher would be marvelous
How come everyone in Provo/Orem, or make that Utah, is such procrastinators? Every ad posting on Craigslist/KSL is like "Looking for someone ASAP!" or "Need someone this month!" or "Flexible but soon like in a week!"  Really now- lets not procrastinate- procrastinating is almost always bad.

So if you know of housing coming up in August-ish let me know! Well be in Missouri and driving back and then be basically homeless for a few days -in Utah- right before school starts, trying to find a place to rent! Hopefully it will work out and we won't have to get in a hotel for a week or something!

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