"They're just scriptures" -Hunter

Hunter is my littlest brother.  
Here he is with a hot dog he got at a vendor in NYC, New York a couple weeks ago.  Yes, my mom and dad and Hunter were at Times Square during the bomb square and were stuck outside in the chaos!
 He just barely turned 8 on May 9th (Mothers Day).  For our 8th Birthdays we always got our own set of scriptures.  
I talked to my mom on the phone today and she said last night that as Hunter was going to bed he asked if he could go downstairs to get something.  She said "sure." And he came back upstairs with his scriptures.  He then said, "I like to read these when I go to bed.  I read 2 chapters every night."  My dad looked at his scriptures later and noticed he was only on Chapter 3.

Another funny story about this is when Hunter went to Elementary School today.  My mom was dropping off Hunter at school when she noticed he had his scriptures.  She had heard some weird things about school and religion at some of the schools around and asked him, "Are you bringing those to school?" And Hunter said, "Yes, I want to read them at school."  My mom said, "Are you sure you want to bring them in?" Hunter was sure.  He jumped out of the car and was messing with his backpack and my mom thought he was putting them in his backpack.  He didn't, but carried them in to school.  

After school she asked him, "Did anyone say anything about your scriptures today? Any of your friends or teachers?"  And Hunter said, "Yes, all of the boys in my class asked me.  Actually half of the boys in my class did."  My mom said, "What did they say?"  Hunter said, "They asked me what I was reading." My mom said, "What did you say to them?" He said, "They're just scriptures", like it was no big deal and everybody reads them at school. Then the boys were like "Okay."

I just thought this was funny because I sure did not bring my scriptures to Elementary School.  Hunter then said he read 8 chapters at school.


  1. that is sooo precious! oh my gosh i love it!

  2. what a cute kid! haha!

    8 chapters in school! :)

  3. that is so cute!! It made me smile :)

  4. Haha yeah I wonder how many he really read in school! I thought it was so cute/funny!