Productive Monday!

Ah Monday (May 3, 2010) was so productive and I am quite proud!

7:50 am- Woke up/Walked Katinka/Got ready/Ate breakfast
9 am- Super Step (step class on Steroids), at Golds Gym, with Marci
10:30 am-Drove home
10:45 am- Did random things
11:45 am- Went to the girl who I visit teach, also named Ashley, with my visiting teaching companion (not to visit teach but to hangout).  My visiting teaching companion is named Cherise.  She brought homemade Foccacia bread and Ashley (not me) made some pasta WITH balsamic vinegar/white vinegar mix, salami, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella
Ate lunch, Chatted, Held Ashley's baby
12:40 pm- Went to the BYU Health Center for my TB (tuberculosis) test.  Don't ask me to say tuberculosis because I am so bad at saying it! Saw Shayla and we both got stabbed with needles and it was actually kind of painful!
1:30 pm- Drove to the Sunflower Market (health food store) and bought the cutest lemonades.  The lemonade comes in a sweet glass bottle and if you peel off the wrapping and stickers it can be a fun bottle to reuse and put fun drinks in when people come over.  It is from France (the lemonade). Why this is sweet is because the lid- its fun and hard to explain! I got 2 kinds:
Pink Lemonade (can't see the complete effect of the coolness- but imagine the wrapper off)
And normal Lemonade. You can see the lid contraption.
(Note: I totally found out about these cool bottles from Relief Society. I'm that cool.)
2 pm- Drove to get a Safety & Emissions test for the Mazda- found out it didn't need one because it is a 2005 Mazda. Awesome. Saved $30 (and that would be with a coupon of course!)
2:30 pm- Drove to the DMV. Bad experience. I hate going to the DMV. Too long of lines and the people who work there are seriously so boring and kind of rude.  Got the car's new title and plates.  The lady who helped me said like 2 words and didn't even tell me my new title would come in the mail.  She just took my old one.  I had to call in and ask what just happened.
4 pm- Drove home and then blogged and cleaned around the house
6:30 pm- Kevin came home
After this I don't remember timing. Forgot what I did, made some dinner, showed Kevin the "suprise" aka lemonade. It was real good.
Had an FHE lesson.
Baked a cake!
Gave Katinka a bath! 
She did jump out once and I caught her by grabbing a bunch of her fur. She is hilarious when it comes to baths.  When I start the tub and pick her up she grows claws out of no where, they just come out and latch onto me so well.  It's quite impressive.  I think she is so cute when I give her baths. Look at her in the blanket haha. So cold and wet and cute.  
(Look to the left...Baseball is on OF COURSE! Haha. Gotta love Kevin and his ESPN addiction)
Kevin loves when I watch this show. Not. He hates it.  He hates the narrator a lot and especially Chuck Bass.  Ask him to do a Chuck Bass impression for you. It's hilarious. But only if you watch the show haha.  Kevin was doing his homework (He's taking Business Law independent study right now) while I was watching this and hated it so much he said he had to leave the room lol. Oh well, I love it.  And still haven't seen the first few seasons, just this one...so if you have any of the beginning seasons let me know! I would love to borrow them and catch up!!! So Kevin definately makes fun of me a lot for watching this and does not want to hear "lives of Manhattan elite" or "xoxo Gossip Girl."
Good productive day. Was so tired...and then went to sleep!

Then Tuesday was not as productive.

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  1. hahaha I am the same way. super productive one day and the next day is the complete opposite!