NiKol Jenkins

I love my mom.  My middle name is NiKol...my mom's name, and yes, I did type it correctly, it is Ni -capital K- ol.  Oh and her maiden name is Jenkins.  HAPPY MOTHER'S Day mom!!! She is the best mom! A little bit about her...she loves: her husband, children, family, planners (especially Franklin Planners), organizing, checking things off of her To-Do list, watching reality TV, playing tennis, eating good food like super SOFT bread, ice-cream, and cookies, hanging out with family, and much more.
Here are some fun pictures of her childhood...these pictures are so great so I had to put them up!
In Germany, before 1st grade
NaNet, my mom, & DeNee (sisters)
Don't you want one of those jackets? I know I do.
My mom (the stick) and her lil sis, JaKie- in Florida
Cute outfits! I LOVE LOVE the dresses. My mom is the girl on the right.
My mom, who knows where...
1978 Tehran, Iran- DeNee (sister) & my mom before Church
Yes, they lived in Iran.
School picture
The picture below actually JUST won as runner-up to the Urban Outfitters 'Original Icon' contest
See the Urban Outfitter's blog for more 'Original Icons'
Kelsi actually submitted a bunch of my mom's photos (like the ones I put on this post above) and then people voted on their favorites.
The 'Original Icon' contest asked for submissions: to show us why your mom was a style icon. 
"Listen to your mothers, people. They know their style!" says Piper Weiss, curator of My Mom, The Style Icon and contest judge. "The hundreds of photos were just plain incredible. These moms proved that a denim jumpsuit, a derby hat or a monkey could all be pulled off if properly paired with attitude. For the sake of their kids, I hope these moms are also hoarders. These outfits are one of a kind."

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  1. so sweet!

    your mom, like ALL the girls in your family, is just beautiful!

    I love the Urban Outfitters pictures! That is so awesome, and I love the t-shirt with beading in the pic...I swear to you, JCrew is selling one right now! haha!