Monday Picnic

Kevin came home from practice/weights (last Monday- April 26, 2010) and I just had a random idea to go grab some food to-go and eat at a park with Katinka.  We did it.  Kevin suggested KFC and for some reason I was totally craving it once he said it.  Last time I ate there I wasn't very impressed, but Kevin sure loves it. We drove to the only park I know of aka Rock Canyon in Provo. By the way- anyone know of any good parks? For some reason I never notice them!
Here is Kevin chowing down.  He seriously didn't talk for 15 minutes while he ate all of the Kentucky Fried Chicken...He was in heaven!!!
 I tied Katinka up to a picnic grill site thanks to this dog tie-out.  I need a stake so she can run in circles but for now she is just tied to a picnic grill leg.  Here she is sitting so she can receive some chicken!!!
 We hiked the big hill by where we were at and at the top Katinka laid a big turd.  Do you see it? It's brown and close to her back leg.  We didn't have a bag so the turd stayed there.
Here is Kevin & I at the top of the hill! Don't you love my awkward chunk of bangs? Don't worry- it got cut last week! YES!

Me & Katinka.
It was so great to just get outside.  It was pretty warm that day.  And I always love when Katinka can be in grass.  ALTHOUGH there are ZERO dog parks in the area (unless you drive to Salt Lake City there are 2-3) and I don't know anyone who really has a yard, therefore Katinka has NOT ever had a chance to run free without her leash!!! So sad! I know she would love it. But it was so much fun.  Just simple. Going to the park and eating but it was great.  There were a few couples with their toddlers and I will definitely bring my kids to the parks often with little lunches and snacks!


  1. ahhh, yes. Kevin and KFC...they have a long history.


    have you ever heard the story about the food fight my parents planned? It was so fun, but kevin cried because he wasn't done eating his KFC and the thought of throwing that food made him loose it. hahah.

  2. Summer picnics...that is so romantic :)