Lucky or Unlucky?

Yesterday and today have been very interesting days.  Honestly, I think this is a lame post but I feel grateful for how things have ended up!

So yesterday I flew out from Denver to Salt Lake but it was a little more chaotic than that would seem.  I was originally planning on parking my car in the economy lot at the SLC airport but Cel offered to drive me.  And Chantell picked me up. THANKS SO MUCH you girls! (Although they don't look at blogs much :)) So I was about to check my bags curbside and realized my Coach keychain thing that holds my drivers license, credit cards, school ID, etc. was not there.  After frantically searching through my bags I knew it was at home (way too far to turn around and go get).  Earlier in the day, I was packing up my stuff on my bed when my mom jumped on the bed and flipped up the bedspread.  And that's how my wallet got lost.  Meanwhile, an airline representative told me I could fly without my ID...which is kind of sketch, but it is up to the TSA (security)'s discretion.  So I check my bag and hope they let me through.  They let me through after I showed them my electronic BYU ID, signature, and every card I had in my wallet. I have 2 wallets- 1 is my Juicy Couture one and the other is my Coach key chain one. Surprisingly they let me through. That wasn't TOO hard. I could have been a terrorist for all they know! I think what did it was when I said my BYU ID. He kind of laughed when I said BYU. But think about it, I could have a fake school electronic ID and tons of cards with a name on it. And get through. I don't know. I still think it's sketch you don't need it to travel.

So I get home after the airport and my car didn't start.
Here is my baby. Okay, I totally took this picture because of the Mitt Romney sticker I put on her. :) By the way, go MITT! MITT2012!!!

Luckily this didn't happen at the airport.  I was walking Katinka earlier today and talked to my neighbor (who works out at Gold's and does SuperStep class with me sometimes) and she said her husband could help me once he got off work.  So my neighbor's husband got off work like 9 pm and went to help me jump start my car. Didn't work. A neighbor walks by who apparently is a car junkie and worked at a place similar to Jiffy Lube before.  He said it was my battery.  Like the battery was dead and I had to buy a new one.  He tested it with some machine he just happened to have.  And he knew how to take it out and replace it without taking it to a car shop (thank goodness didn't have to pay for a tow+new battery).  So a neighbor drives me to Checker Auto Parts at 9:50 pm and I bring in the old battery and get a new one.  AND I don't have my credit card or drivers license BUT my dad gave me some cash for an emergency just in case I needed it until my wallet got to Utah. THANK goodness for that! So I used the cash and wrote a check for the remainder of it. Freaking $152 for a battery! Dang. But he did ask for my driver's license but somehow I got out of that by giving him my student ID number hahah. The worker was really nice and probably shouldn't have done that! So my car is all set.

This is really a lame post and if you read through this I'm surprised, but if you know me, I HATE asking for help. Like I NEVER ask people for anything or rides especially. I'm just glad I had a bunch of nice neighbors who knew cars and could help me since Kevin is out of town for the whole week!!! Really good thing I got a ride to the airport and back because I would be stranded with my Jeep in the economy lot of Salt Lake City airport with no car to drive to get a battery or anyone to help me!


  1. aww, so many great people to help you!! That is the fun thing about Provo :)

    Also, I think the airport security thought you were WAY to pretty to be a terrorist. I mean, if one was as gorgeous as you...WHY would they blow themselves up!? hehe.

  2. Oh I know! I hate asking people for help but my neighbor just helped me! BUT I could TOTALLY be a terrorist! It wasn't too hard to get through without much identification!!! HAHA!