Little Bit of Vegas

Here are some pictures from the trip:
Friday- May 7th, 2010
Taylor & Janna on the way to Treasure Island's Pirate Show
Here we are after the Pirate Show...it was very dumb haha. And I know Taylor was disappointed in the story line and depth of the characters!
Janna, Bre, Laura, Taylor, & me
At the game Friday night- Laura, Bre, & me
BYU lost 8-9 in the 11th inning 
After the game Friday night- Brandon & Breanne Relf.  
Kevin & I and the Relfs ate at the Hard Rock Casino at a place called 'Luckys"
Basically if you want a really good deal on dinner go to the Hard Rock Casino and walk straight through the casino and you will see a restaurant.  Ask for the "Gambler's Special" and it includes: steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and a salad.  AND it only costs $7.77ish. So that is an amazing deal for all of that food! I mean steak is always way more than that! I don't think it is listed on the menu.  The Relf's and Kevin and I went to steal this deal, thanks to Coach Roberts for telling us about it.
Kevin eating ranch? No idea.
Saturday- May 8, 2010
BYU won 16-7
All the wives wore our "Mrs. Sloan" shirts, or whatever their husband's last name is and number.  It was SO hot so we all found the only shade we could and sat there. Shortly after the game we peaced out and headed back to Provo! Sucks we couldn't follow the guys to ASU.
Here is us after the game Saturday.  
Kevin leaving the UNLV stadium.
It was SUCH a fun trip!!! Loved it! 
Anyone wanna roadtrip to San Diego? 
(Anyone- not just the wives...tell me if you do! It'll be around May 25ish to see the MWC Tournament in San Diego, CA)

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  1. That trip was so much fun! I wish you guys had another year left so we could go again next year.