"Go back to your freakin hole you rabbit!" (Kevin getting kicked out of the game)

All of the girls left Provo at noon on Thursday, May 6, to head down to Las Vegas!!! It took approximately 6 hours.  We made it *just in time* to say hi and hug our husbands before there bus drove off to the UNLV Baseball field.  
Here we are at the beginning of the game! The night was young and we all had hope for the team that they would win! Then the game carried on and the umpires were ridiculous.
Me & Laura
Janna, Breanne, & Kelly
 Kevin comes in to pitch.  The umps were still being ridiculous. No worries.
All of a sudden, I had no idea what happened but Kevin got kicked out of the game.
How? Why? What?!?!?!?! I had no idea what just happened.
Kevin was escorted off the field by an umpire (I think) and off the UNLV Baseball complex. He couldn't be at the game or in the area.
We saw Coach Applegate (pitching coach) carrying a bag up to where Kevin was and all of the wives were like "Oh! It's Kevin's bag! Go get it! And bring it to him so Coach Applegate can go back to the game!" So I run up to Coach Applegate (as he follows Kevin) and say...
Me: "Oh! I can bring that to Kevin if you want!" 
Coach Applegate: "Oh no, it's okay, I got it"
Me: "Oh okay! Thanks!"

Then the players were all getting yelled at and we were wondering what their moods would be like.  That was our first night/game in Vegas and we hadn't hung out with them.  I thought Kevin would be really mad and was thinking he needed time to cool off because he just got kicked out of a game! So I was thinking "Oh gosh, I hope he is ok and hopefully he will want to eat with me!" I just thought he was so upset.  

Then we all hopped in the car heading back to the hotel.  Then Janna Birch (Nick Birch's wife-he's a pitcher), got a text from Nick telling us why Kevin got kicked out.  He said something along the lines of "He called the ump a rabbit.  I'll explain later."  So we were SO confused! I was thinking Kevin is pretty creative with his comebacks or weird sayings haha.  And thinking why the heck would Kevin call an umpire a rabbit?!?!

Then it all made sense...once we talked to the guys.

And Kevin wasn't too upset! Brandon Relf talked to Kevin and he said Kevin wanted to eat with us.  At this point it was 11 pm in Vegas, because the game was at 7 or so.  So all that was open was McDonalds.  Plus the players had curfew at midnight.  And the annoying thing is basically you have to walk everywhere to eat unless you have family in town who has a car.  So Kevin & I, Matthew & Laura Neil, Brandon & Breanne Relf, Dane & Taylor Nielsen, and I think some other guys walked over to McDonalds with us.

The real story, according to my memory, told from Kevin a week ago:

The umpires were being ridiculous the whole night and listening in to player's conversations between each other and were pretty much rabbits.  Thus the big ears.  They listen in and aren't paying attention to their jobs as much, their jobs being umpires.  So that is a rabbit! Make sense? 
So Kevin goes into pitch.  He throws a 'strike' which the umpire calls a 'ball'.  Dane Nielsen (at 2nd base) yells to Kevin "Good pitch! Good spot Sloan!"  I don't see anything wrong with this but the home base umpire did.  He made a comment along the lines of "Why don't you let me do my job?!?!" Then Kevin going back to the pitching mound says (not facing the home plate ump) "Why don't you go to your freakin hole you rabbit?!?!?!" Then the first base ump (BEING A RABBIT for listening in) says to Kevin, "What did you say?!?!"  Kevin says something along the lines of "What do you mean?" The ump says "YOUR OUT!!!" as in EJECTED from the game! Kevin says "Well your a rabbit too!"  
Ironically, the home plate ump had big ears.

Kevin goes back to the dugout to change his shoes and they don't let him and escort him from the field.  As Kevin walks in we hear tons of commotion and it sounds like Kevin is destroying the dugout.  But what really happened was Coach Applegate was so pissed at the umps for being freakin rabbits that he picked up a bucket and threw it at all of the bats and it made a lot of noise.  Then the ump yells at Coach Applegate and says "YOUR OUT!" as in EJECTED from the game! Coach Applegate says something like "What did I do?" and the ump says "Equipment Violation!" What the heck is an 'Equipment Violation'? No idea. And Coach Applegate never gets thrown out, like not for the past 20 years or something.

So I definately felt SO embaressed after learning that Coach Applegate got thrown out and because I didn't know that I ran up to him to grab 'Kevin's' bag...which was probably Coach Applegates!!! 
Kevin got official reprimand from the Mountain West Conference and wants to frame it haha.  So I hope I did the story some justice. It was a very crazy night!

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