BYU Baseball vs. UVU

BYU played UVU AT UVU.  Parking sucked and I had to walk like a mile to get to the field and when I got here I couldn't find the wives.  I thought they were in one area (by the UVU students) due to a text (but then I am dumb and didn't understand it hah) and couldn't find them.  Let's just say the UVU students gave me tons of glares! Especially the fake baked bleach blonde girls.  WOW! They sure can do narly looks.  It was very awkward.  Then I found the wives in the BYU area. My friend Shayla & Brady came and here we are...
Shayla, Brady, & me- representing a BYU Zephyr hat
By the way Zephyr aka ZHATS make the best hats (obviously) so go check them out.  (My dad's company).  You can purchase them at many retailers as well as their online website Hatmonster
Serious faces
PS. I love these girls.
Kevin got in to pitch! Yeehaw
Doesn't he rock at being a pitcher when he only has 1 leg?
About to throw a strike of course.
this was Kevin's 8th win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BYU beat UVU 14-10

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