BYU Baseball vs. Utah (6/7th WIN)

Here are pictures to explain the game. This post is specifically about the April 24th game. April 23 they sucked. Oh and Kevin didn't play.
Pregame- If you want to play Baseball at BYU eat food from the ground. See the bag in the bush?
 Winners eat food in bushes. Trail mix, baby oranges, and chewy bars. 
[I left that for Kevin]
Me & Emily at the game. It was the BYU Baseball t-shirt day!
Em & I with Utah Baseball boys in the background.
Kevin was called in to pitch. On the scoreboard it says his name, W-L record, & ERA. I'll take them. 
W-L of 6-0. ERA of 2.67.  [As of now the ERA is 2.23--Lower the better]
Kev throwing balls. Oh wait. Strikes.
Wind it up! Remember that song by Gwen Stefani? Which reminds me of Baby Mama. Baby named Stefani. Like from Gwen Stefani.
Game over. BYU WON! OH and Kevin got his 7th WIN.  Intense craziness. Guys were pumped up and yelling and jumping! I recorded a little video of this celebration but for some reason the file type and the player I have are not compatible today. And they also won the Deseret Duel.  Kevin said no one really cares about that. But the team got to pose with a trophy after the game and get pictures taken.
Emily, Katie Luman, Kev, & me.  Katie is a good friend of Kevin's from freshman year.  She knows SO MUCH about Baseball.  She rocks.
Future BYU superstars getting their balls signed by the players.  I was wondering where Kevin was and then I found him with this group of kids.  A kid asked "Will you sign my leg?"

Kevin signed just about everything.  Kevin said he didn't want to sign one of the balls because someone got a hit off of it but the kid said "But you threw it" and Kevin said "Well they touched it last." He signed it though.
BYU Baseball is so much fun. Too bad this is the last year!

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