BYU Baseball vs. SDSU (Games 1 & 2)

BYU played San Diego St. at home and it was a 3 game series. Basically I have random pictures to explain these games...because I don't remember the play by play or anything. But I know Saturday's game was intense! And this was BYU's first series sweep this season, meaning they won 3/3 games they played.

May 13, 2010- Thursday
BYU won 10-9 (in the 10th inning)
Cel decided to come to a game and had so much fun she came to all 3 of the San Diego St. games!
Here is Cel, me, & Taylor.
And Kevin went in and played in this game!

May 14, 2010- Friday
BYU won 13-5
Kevin's parents flew in this morning and I picked them up from the airport! Surprisingly this was their first time seeing BYU play at good ol' Larry Miller field. They always end up seeing him play at away games like at KState and other teams in Texas. We went to Rumbi Grill and had an amazing meal and of course we ordered the sweet potato fries...AMAZING! Then we dropped of Greg (Kevin's dad) at the field as he wanted to watch them warm up while me and Kathy (Kevin's mom) went to Cherry Lane Boutique.  Then we went to the game!
Cel came to this game as well...
Laura, Cel, & me.
Kevin didn't pitch this game!
And here is the team after the game! And Kevin is the closest player (other than the little kid) to the front.
GO Cougars!

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