Baseball Senior Day

This was game 3 vs. SDSU. 

 May 15, 2010- Saturday
BYU won 16-10
 This game was Senior Day meaning the seniors players, along with their parents/spouse or fiancees would get recognized before the game.  The players were presented with a lei and the mothers and wive/fiancee got flowers.  The players also got a really sweet BYU blanket! Also, during the game mostly all of the seniors got a chance to play.

Here is Kevin & I out on the field.
Greg, Kathy, Kevin, me.
Saying hi to all of the coaches.
 Saying hi to all of the seniors and their families.
 Out on the field, all of the seniors, families, and coaches...sorry the fence is in the way! Oh well.

Game time: 
Here is Kevin right before the game started. He's #1.
And we wish that this picture wasn't blurry!!! Here is Kevin & Brock Luker.

Kaycie came to the game right after going to the pool! I totally need to go and attempt to get tan. Here we are!
Cel also came to the game! What a hardcore fan!
Kelly, Cel, & me.
Then Kevin pitched 2.2 innings and got 0 runs on him.  Sorry there are so many pictures in this post! But we had a great camera thanks to Kev's parents and Celestine offered to be the paparazzi for Kevin while he pitched.  It cracks me up but later in the evening after the game ended, we went home and watched the game on TiVo and we saw Cel being a little paparazzi girl on TV.  So I of course had to take a picture and send it to her. Here she is in the bottom left corner!
 Here are some Vulture shots:
If I am correct, and boy I sure hope I am, here is Kevin with his change up pitch. You can tell by how he is holding the ball. With a change up you throw the ball with your last 3 fingers (so all fingers but your thumb and pointer finger)...seems so hard! I probably should have Kevin glance over these to make sure I say the right pitch, but oh well he is not here haha.
I don't think my arm can bend like that. Can yours?
Kevin focusing right before a pitch.
After the first inning he pitched.
Another pitch. Do you see the ball? Haha. I think it is funny to find the ball because they are not always where you expect to see them.
Another pitch.
And I think this is a fastball because of how you hold it...you hold it with your first 2 fingers (not including the thumb) so like the pointer and the middle finger.
Anyways, I think I have a lot of pictures so I will just stop now! But I'm so glad we got a bunch of fun pictures thanks to Cel's mad camera skills and his parent's camera!

OH and the funniest thing. Kevin got interviewed after the game by BYU TV and the poor interviewer blew it at the end.  He asked Kevin about pitching and then asked something along these lines, "So you've wanted to play infield the whole year and you have been a pitcher.  How did it feel to finally get some playing time infield, in the 9th inning?" Kevin looked surprised and then kind of smirked and was like "Uh, yeah, it was good. Yeah, it was good."
Incase you didn't know, Kevin never played 3rd base or anything in the 9th inning.
Here is Kev & the interviewer, I think right after he popped that question!
And if you want to see the 2 articles from this game, I posted them in previous blog posts:
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  1. I wish they played less depressing music during the senior thing befor the game. so sad. The whole day was very bittersweet.

  2. Oh yeah! That's right! Bad choice of music on their part!!! By the way I have some of your craft materials I need to get back to you!