Fabulous Pasta Dish

I got this recipe or I guess I should say list of ingredients, because it doesn't matter how much of anything you put in it, from this girl in my ward who I visit teach. Her name is actually Ashley too haha. My visiting teaching companion and I went over to visit her (not visit teach but to hangout) and she made this dish and my companion made homemade foccacia bread, which was amazing! I didn't know if I could make it so I came last minute and nope I didn't bring anything, haha. To make this amazing pasta, that is light and delish you will need:
  • Pasta, preferably bow-tie pasta
  • Olive Oil
  • White Vinegar
  • Fresh Basil Leaves, from a plant, not from the spice container ones but it does work if you can't get any
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozerella Ball -Now BE careful! I made this last night and I accidentally bought a block of cheese....NOT THE SAME!
  • Salami -Be careful with this as well. I made this dinner for my family in CO and bought the right kind and I made this last night and got salami from Walmart and they barely had any, but I definately bought the wrong kind and it was really gross. Here is a picture (courtesy of the iPhone) of the last 2 previous and correct ingredients:Cook the pasta and while it is cooking cut up the mozzarella cheese, salami, and tomatoes in little pieces. Then when the pasta is done throw in the mozarella cheese, salami, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, and pour in olive oil and white vinegar to the amount you want. I then add salt and pepper. If you don't have all of the ingredients you can always throw in spinach leaves or some garlic... This meal is so great, you'll have to try it! Here is a very bad picture of it in my parent's cooking pot...and we didn't have fresh basil leaves so it is tiny pieces of basil...but here is a picture of it!
And a good side would be freshly baked bread with a bowl of a mixture of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar. Just like the restaurants! And you can even get a clove of garlic and crush it and then put it on a pan and cook it a little to put in the bottom of the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.



Katinka randomly will start running laps (like REALLY fast) around our apartment at odd times. It is hilarious. Sometimes Kevin & I provoke it by scratching her belly really fast and making her hyper. It is so funny and hopefully you'd had the pleasure of seeing her do it! Here is a video that a girl who babysat Katinka took on her phone. [So it is not me laughing in the video, lol] Check it out! IT IS SO GREAT!


Second Team All-MWC

Okay, so I feel bad for posting SO MANY Baseball posts! But the season is SO close to being done and then you won't have to read any more articles (not like you do) but here is an article on 3 of our players getting awarded Second Team All-MWC. Basically this means that these players were within the top 2 for positions (meaning second team so 2/2) and for pitchers there are 3 pitchers chosen for each team (1st, 2nd, and 3rd).  I think there are only 3 teams. So they are the best of the best! Congrats boys! Oh and an interesting tidbit is Kevin is 1 out of 2 or 3 other guys that are relievers because they usually always pick starting pitchers for these awards. 

Trio Named Second Team All-MWC
by Ralph R. Zobell, BYU Athletic Communications

Brandon Relf was one of three Cougars named to the All-MWC Second Team.   Trevor Brown, Jr./NCAA Photos

Senior BYU co-captains Sean McNaughton, Brandon Relf and Kevin Sloan were named Monday to the All-Mountain West Conference Baseball Second Team.

While no Cougars were named to the First Team, the BYU trio has posted some impressive numbers.

McNaughton, a leftfielder from Lakewood, Wash., set the MWC career home run record at 52 and tops BYU with 16 homers this season.

Relf, a shortstop from Sandy, leads the Cougars with 86 hits, 17 doubles and 174 assists.

Sloan, a pitcher from Kansas City, Mo., has registered nine wins and one loss, all in 27 relief appearances this season and has the team-best ERA of 2.84 in 50.2 innings.

If you want to see the entire article: Click here

Pitching is key for BYU at MWC Tourney --Deseret News Article

Just found this article thanks to a tweet (via Twitter) from BYUCougars. I'm definitely pumped for there games and hopefully they will do really well! Here it is! GO COUGARS!

BYU baseball: Pitching is key for BYU at MWC tourney 

By Jeff Call

Published: Monday, May 24, 2010 10:25 p.m. MDT

PROVO — BYU coach Vance Law admits that the Cougars have experienced a mediocre season to this point.

With a 25-29 record overall, BYU's baseball team is the No. 4 seed heading into the Mountain West Conference Tournament, which opens this week. The Cougars, who finished 12-12 in league play, face No. 5 seed UNLV Tuesday (4 p.m.) at Tony Gwynn Stadium in San Diego, Calif.

"Gosh, it's been kind of average," Law said when asked about the 2010 campaign. "We've won some games against good teams, and then we've faltered a little bit in games that I feel we should have won. We're starting to play better right now. I think some of our young pitchers are getting the hang of it more. We're young on the mound. They've gained some experience and they've been able to develop to the point to where they can keep us in ball games ... It's kind of been a mixed bag."

Of course, for every MWC team, it's the start of another season. The winner of the conference tournament earns an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

"That's what it boils down to — our goal is to try to get into the NCAA tournament," Law said. "There have been some down times this year where we haven't played very well. It's been discouraging at times. Right now, we're playing better, and I'm encouraged that if we go down there and have a good week, anything can happen, as was proven last year with Utah."

The Cougars remember that the Utes entered the tournament with a losing record and ended winning the conference title, seizing an NCAA berth and advancing to the regionals.

"That's been brought up (with the team)," Law said. "The guys know. Most of them were down there to witness it down there. They beat us 2-1. It still sticks with you a little bit. You hope to duplicate that type of performance, what they did. You know everything is possible."

For the Cougars to make a similar Cinderella trip to the NCAAs, Law knows the key is pitching.
"All of our pitchers are going to have to pitch well for us to make a run," he said. "Our offense is going to have to give them run support. To me, the key is the pitching staff keeping us close in ball games to give our offense that chance."

On the mound, BYU is led by senior Kevin Sloan, who owns a team-leading 9-1 record and 2.84 ERA, though he has not started a game this season.

"He's in a position where we bring him in in close ball games, and he's continued to keep us close so our offense has a chance to score some runs," Law said. "That's why he's been able to get so many of those wins out of the bullpen, because he's come in and do his job and given us a chance to catch up or take the lead."

Sloan suffered his only loss in BYU's regular-season finale at Air Force, surrendering four earned runs in 2 1/3 innings of work. Freshman Chris Capper (4-1, 4.68 ERA) has been another pleasant surprise for Law's club.

While BYU's offense has been fairly consistent, its defense has been suspect at times, committing an inordinate amount of errors — 108.

"The down side is, we haven't played defense very well," Law said. "That's an area we're trying to improve on."

This week, the Cougars, who have won five of their last seven games, can turn their season around by pulling some upsets in San Diego. "We're carrying some pretty good momentum. We just need to keep playing well," Law said. "We definitely need to win the tournament in order to get in (the NCAAs)."

If you want to see the full article: Click here


Lucky or Unlucky?

Yesterday and today have been very interesting days.  Honestly, I think this is a lame post but I feel grateful for how things have ended up!

So yesterday I flew out from Denver to Salt Lake but it was a little more chaotic than that would seem.  I was originally planning on parking my car in the economy lot at the SLC airport but Cel offered to drive me.  And Chantell picked me up. THANKS SO MUCH you girls! (Although they don't look at blogs much :)) So I was about to check my bags curbside and realized my Coach keychain thing that holds my drivers license, credit cards, school ID, etc. was not there.  After frantically searching through my bags I knew it was at home (way too far to turn around and go get).  Earlier in the day, I was packing up my stuff on my bed when my mom jumped on the bed and flipped up the bedspread.  And that's how my wallet got lost.  Meanwhile, an airline representative told me I could fly without my ID...which is kind of sketch, but it is up to the TSA (security)'s discretion.  So I check my bag and hope they let me through.  They let me through after I showed them my electronic BYU ID, signature, and every card I had in my wallet. I have 2 wallets- 1 is my Juicy Couture one and the other is my Coach key chain one. Surprisingly they let me through. That wasn't TOO hard. I could have been a terrorist for all they know! I think what did it was when I said my BYU ID. He kind of laughed when I said BYU. But think about it, I could have a fake school electronic ID and tons of cards with a name on it. And get through. I don't know. I still think it's sketch you don't need it to travel.

So I get home after the airport and my car didn't start.
Here is my baby. Okay, I totally took this picture because of the Mitt Romney sticker I put on her. :) By the way, go MITT! MITT2012!!!

Luckily this didn't happen at the airport.  I was walking Katinka earlier today and talked to my neighbor (who works out at Gold's and does SuperStep class with me sometimes) and she said her husband could help me once he got off work.  So my neighbor's husband got off work like 9 pm and went to help me jump start my car. Didn't work. A neighbor walks by who apparently is a car junkie and worked at a place similar to Jiffy Lube before.  He said it was my battery.  Like the battery was dead and I had to buy a new one.  He tested it with some machine he just happened to have.  And he knew how to take it out and replace it without taking it to a car shop (thank goodness didn't have to pay for a tow+new battery).  So a neighbor drives me to Checker Auto Parts at 9:50 pm and I bring in the old battery and get a new one.  AND I don't have my credit card or drivers license BUT my dad gave me some cash for an emergency just in case I needed it until my wallet got to Utah. THANK goodness for that! So I used the cash and wrote a check for the remainder of it. Freaking $152 for a battery! Dang. But he did ask for my driver's license but somehow I got out of that by giving him my student ID number hahah. The worker was really nice and probably shouldn't have done that! So my car is all set.

This is really a lame post and if you read through this I'm surprised, but if you know me, I HATE asking for help. Like I NEVER ask people for anything or rides especially. I'm just glad I had a bunch of nice neighbors who knew cars and could help me since Kevin is out of town for the whole week!!! Really good thing I got a ride to the airport and back because I would be stranded with my Jeep in the economy lot of Salt Lake City airport with no car to drive to get a battery or anyone to help me!

BYU Baseball Banquet

Every year there is an end of the year Baseball Banquet.  This banquet was right after the Senior Day game vs. SDSU.  There was great food, specifically Ruby River which had amazing chicken that I highly recommend!!! This was my second year coming, as I went last year.  The coaches honor the senior athletes by talking about them and then giving them a placque with a team picture and individual picture.  This years was bittersweet because it is Kevin's last year playing for BYU.  
Here is Coach Law -the head Baseball coach- talking about Kevin.
Coach Roberts -Assistant Coach- & Kevin
Coach Applegate -Pitching Coach- & Kevin
It was a good banquet but kind of sad.  I wish Kevin could keep playing Baseball! I love to watch him play and the BYU games were SO much fun!

Baseball Senior Day

This was game 3 vs. SDSU. 

 May 15, 2010- Saturday
BYU won 16-10
 This game was Senior Day meaning the seniors players, along with their parents/spouse or fiancees would get recognized before the game.  The players were presented with a lei and the mothers and wive/fiancee got flowers.  The players also got a really sweet BYU blanket! Also, during the game mostly all of the seniors got a chance to play.

Here is Kevin & I out on the field.
Greg, Kathy, Kevin, me.
Saying hi to all of the coaches.
 Saying hi to all of the seniors and their families.
 Out on the field, all of the seniors, families, and coaches...sorry the fence is in the way! Oh well.

Game time: 
Here is Kevin right before the game started. He's #1.
And we wish that this picture wasn't blurry!!! Here is Kevin & Brock Luker.

Kaycie came to the game right after going to the pool! I totally need to go and attempt to get tan. Here we are!
Cel also came to the game! What a hardcore fan!
Kelly, Cel, & me.
Then Kevin pitched 2.2 innings and got 0 runs on him.  Sorry there are so many pictures in this post! But we had a great camera thanks to Kev's parents and Celestine offered to be the paparazzi for Kevin while he pitched.  It cracks me up but later in the evening after the game ended, we went home and watched the game on TiVo and we saw Cel being a little paparazzi girl on TV.  So I of course had to take a picture and send it to her. Here she is in the bottom left corner!
 Here are some Vulture shots:
If I am correct, and boy I sure hope I am, here is Kevin with his change up pitch. You can tell by how he is holding the ball. With a change up you throw the ball with your last 3 fingers (so all fingers but your thumb and pointer finger)...seems so hard! I probably should have Kevin glance over these to make sure I say the right pitch, but oh well he is not here haha.
I don't think my arm can bend like that. Can yours?
Kevin focusing right before a pitch.
After the first inning he pitched.
Another pitch. Do you see the ball? Haha. I think it is funny to find the ball because they are not always where you expect to see them.
Another pitch.
And I think this is a fastball because of how you hold it...you hold it with your first 2 fingers (not including the thumb) so like the pointer and the middle finger.
Anyways, I think I have a lot of pictures so I will just stop now! But I'm so glad we got a bunch of fun pictures thanks to Cel's mad camera skills and his parent's camera!

OH and the funniest thing. Kevin got interviewed after the game by BYU TV and the poor interviewer blew it at the end.  He asked Kevin about pitching and then asked something along these lines, "So you've wanted to play infield the whole year and you have been a pitcher.  How did it feel to finally get some playing time infield, in the 9th inning?" Kevin looked surprised and then kind of smirked and was like "Uh, yeah, it was good. Yeah, it was good."
Incase you didn't know, Kevin never played 3rd base or anything in the 9th inning.
Here is Kev & the interviewer, I think right after he popped that question!
And if you want to see the 2 articles from this game, I posted them in previous blog posts:
The Vulture Helps Cougars Sweep of Aztecs (Daily Herald)
Sloan Leads to Sweep of Aztecs (BYUCougars.com)


BYU Baseball vs. SDSU (Games 1 & 2)

BYU played San Diego St. at home and it was a 3 game series. Basically I have random pictures to explain these games...because I don't remember the play by play or anything. But I know Saturday's game was intense! And this was BYU's first series sweep this season, meaning they won 3/3 games they played.

May 13, 2010- Thursday
BYU won 10-9 (in the 10th inning)
Cel decided to come to a game and had so much fun she came to all 3 of the San Diego St. games!
Here is Cel, me, & Taylor.
And Kevin went in and played in this game!

May 14, 2010- Friday
BYU won 13-5
Kevin's parents flew in this morning and I picked them up from the airport! Surprisingly this was their first time seeing BYU play at good ol' Larry Miller field. They always end up seeing him play at away games like at KState and other teams in Texas. We went to Rumbi Grill and had an amazing meal and of course we ordered the sweet potato fries...AMAZING! Then we dropped of Greg (Kevin's dad) at the field as he wanted to watch them warm up while me and Kathy (Kevin's mom) went to Cherry Lane Boutique.  Then we went to the game!
Cel came to this game as well...
Laura, Cel, & me.
Kevin didn't pitch this game!
And here is the team after the game! And Kevin is the closest player (other than the little kid) to the front.
GO Cougars!


"They're just scriptures" -Hunter

Hunter is my littlest brother.  
Here he is with a hot dog he got at a vendor in NYC, New York a couple weeks ago.  Yes, my mom and dad and Hunter were at Times Square during the bomb square and were stuck outside in the chaos!
 He just barely turned 8 on May 9th (Mothers Day).  For our 8th Birthdays we always got our own set of scriptures.  
I talked to my mom on the phone today and she said last night that as Hunter was going to bed he asked if he could go downstairs to get something.  She said "sure." And he came back upstairs with his scriptures.  He then said, "I like to read these when I go to bed.  I read 2 chapters every night."  My dad looked at his scriptures later and noticed he was only on Chapter 3.

Another funny story about this is when Hunter went to Elementary School today.  My mom was dropping off Hunter at school when she noticed he had his scriptures.  She had heard some weird things about school and religion at some of the schools around and asked him, "Are you bringing those to school?" And Hunter said, "Yes, I want to read them at school."  My mom said, "Are you sure you want to bring them in?" Hunter was sure.  He jumped out of the car and was messing with his backpack and my mom thought he was putting them in his backpack.  He didn't, but carried them in to school.  

After school she asked him, "Did anyone say anything about your scriptures today? Any of your friends or teachers?"  And Hunter said, "Yes, all of the boys in my class asked me.  Actually half of the boys in my class did."  My mom said, "What did they say?"  Hunter said, "They asked me what I was reading." My mom said, "What did you say to them?" He said, "They're just scriptures", like it was no big deal and everybody reads them at school. Then the boys were like "Okay."

I just thought this was funny because I sure did not bring my scriptures to Elementary School.  Hunter then said he read 8 chapters at school.


The Vulture helps Cougars sweep of Aztecs (Daily Herald)

Kevin got interviewed after the game and here is the article on it written by The Daily Herald.  I italicized some of my more favorite-r parts but really the whole thing is pretty good- WAY better than the BYU writers.
Here is a picture that Celestine (CEL) my favorite Asian took for us!

After giving up runs in the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth innings, for the love of Cosmo, could someone please put a zero up on the scoreboard so BYU could catch up?

Time to call on the vulture.

Kevin Sloan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, come on down.

If anyone could quiet the Aztecs it was Sloan, who has been BYU's best reliever this year with a 2.53 ERA. Sloan earned the nickname "The Vulture" due to his knack for picking up wins in relief.

Saturday afternoon, the Vulture did it again. Sloan put up a zeros in the seventh and eighth innings and that's all BYU's offense needed as it erupted for six runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to help BYU to a 16-10 win and earn a three-game sweep of the Aztecs.

"He (Sloan) was able to throw some zeros up there and that was something we hadn't had all pretty much all day and that gave our offense a chance to catch up and eventually take the lead," said BYU coach Vance Law. "It would be very easy when you come back to score and then give up some more runs in the next half of the inning, to get down and think 'man we just can't keep doing this over and over again,' but our guys continued to battle like that and eventually we were able to overtake them."

BYU and San Diego State are now tied for fourth place in the Mountain West Conference standings at 10-11 and Sloan got another win in relief. He is now 9-0 on the year, an incredible record considering he isn't a true pitcher. He started the season as an infielder, but was thrown in the bullpen to help out the team.

"Its only been two or three months that I've been just a pitcher. I've been learning a lot. I've tried to take my infielder mentality to the mound. I've never been just a pitcher. I always made fun of those guys," Sloan said. "Some guys give me hard time and call me a vulture. My record kind of shows that I was able to come in a get outs and throw up zeros and give our team a chance to win, so I feel good about it."

For most of the game, BYU's biggest problem was every time it would score, the Aztecs had the answer. BYU scored in the second, but SDSU came back to score in the third. The Cougars scored again in the bottom of the third, but the Aztecs tacked on three more runs in the fourth.

It didn't look like the Cougars would ever catch up, especially after SDSU scored three in the fifth and two more in the sixth to take an 8-4 lead.

It only made the comeback all the sweeter.

In the bottom of the sixth, Austin Hall led off the inning with a walk. After Dane Nielsen filed out, Brandon Relf kept the inning going with a single.

Stephen Wells then delivered the big hit, a triple off the wall in the sixth to cut the lead to 10-8. SDSU reliever Kyle Shaver battled back to strike out Alex Wolfe, but Bryce Ayoso drove in Wells with a single to right that cut the lead to one.

BYU then put the game away with a 6-run eighth inning. With one out, Ryan Bernal got the Cougars going with a single. Sean McNaughton walked and Jonathan Cluff singled to tie the game. After a pitching change, Hall flied out, but the inning wasn't over yet. Nielsen singled in a run to give BYU the lead.

Relf and Wells both walked to load the bases and Wolfe then delivered the knockout blow with a single that plated three runs.

By the time the inning was over, BYU had a 16-10 lead. David McKnight made that lead hold up as he pitched a perfect ninth to close out the victory.

Ayoso had four of BYU's 18 hits. Bernal, Relf and Nielsen each had three hits for the Cougars, but as big as those players were for BYU, Sloan's 2 23 inning of scoreless relief could have been even bigger. He gave up three hits and struck out three.

"All season long he's just been a real force for us, he's been one guy that we've been able to count on pretty much every outing," Law said. "He's always on coach (Bobby) Applegate's elbow trying to learn more about pitching. He's learned how to control three pitches and throw them for strikes. His velocity is starting to pick up and he's a bulldog."

A bulldog, a vulture, a winner. It's all the same for Sloan, who has now helped BYU to its third straight win.
The Cougars will now host Utah Valley University on Tuesday before they wrap up conference play by hosting Air Force in three-game series that begins on Thursday.

Sloan Leads to Sweep of Aztecs

Yesterday, May 15 (Saturday) was an amazing day. I will post about it later but for now...I will have a few articles, so sorry about post overload!!! Here is an article on Kevin pitching in yesterday's game... he got his 9th WIN and his W-L record is 9-0 and his ERA is 2.38.  He pitched 2 2/3 innings.  Here is the article!

Sloan Leads to Sweep of Aztecs  
by Brett Pyne, BYU Athletic Communications 

 And yes, Kevin is not in this picture although the article is called "SLOAN....leads....blah blah."


PROVO (May 15, 2010)--Reliever Kevin Sloan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting neutralized San Diego State on Saturday and led BYU to a 16-10 victory and sweep at Larry H. Miller Field.
Sloan retired the Aztecs in order in the seventh and struck out three SDSU batters in other late innings to help BYU improve to a 23-27 overall record and 10-11 in the Mountain West Conference.

With that victory, Sloan improves to 9-0 in the win-loss column, all in relief.

"All season long he (Sloan) has been a real force for us that we could count on," said BYU coach Vance Law. "It is nice to have him come in and throw some zeros to give us a chance to catch up."

Sloan entered the game behind 10-6 in the sixth with two runners on base. When he went to the dugout in the eighth, the score was tied 10-10.

Then Jonathan Cluff singled in Ryan Bernal for the go-ahead 11th run in the bottom of the six-run eighth before the floodgates opened. With the bases loaded, Alex Wolfe cleared them with his single to right field.

"With Wells (Stephen) on first, we've tried to train our players to always run hard and were able to force an extra run with a silent signal."

The game started after a scoreless opening inning and then the offensive fireworks began as the next five frames showcased runs by both teams and the Cougars.

The Aztecs manufacturing runs by Blair Moore in the second and Jomel Torres in the third, while the Cougars scored on a second-inning home run by Bernal followed in the third by Bernal’s run-producing walk with the bases full to bring Dane Nielsen home. BYU was unable to take the lead when Sean McNaughton left the bases loaded with a pop up to Aztec catcher Matt Parker to end the inning.

A defensive highlight during the third was produced by the Cougar infield. Wolfe took a two-hop grounder at first and not only got the force out at his base but also rifled the ball to Brandon Relf at second who tagged the advancing Aztec runner for the unconventional double play.

SDSU produced three runs in the fourth and fifth innings while BYU responded with four runs over the same span. BYU’s Austin Hall and Nielsen scored in the fourth after a Hall double and Nielsen triple, and Bryce Ayoso and Sean McNaughton added Cougar runs in the fifth powered by Ayoso and McNaughton doubles.

The Aztecs got out of the bottom of the fifth allowing only the two Cougar runs when a well-executed relay beat Cluff to third as he attempted a triple on his two-RBI smash to left center. The Cougars returned the favor in the top of the sixth to stop the Aztec scoring after two runs when a McNaughton-to-Relf-to-Ayoso relay from left gunned down Ryan O’Sullivan at the plate for the third out.

In his first full inning of relief as BYU’s third pitcher of the game, Sloan finally ended SDSU’s five-inning scoring run with a 1-2-3 seventh. The Cougars tied the game at 10-10 in the bottom-half of the inning when Relf singled home Hall. The damage may have been worse for SDSU but centerfielder Cory Vaughn threw out Nielsen trying to go to third on the play.

Sloan again shut down the Aztecs in the eighth, getting Moore looking for the third out with two runners on base.

BYU now readies to play Utah Valley University on Tuesday at 6 p.m., in the final home game of the season.

To see the full article: Click here

Little Bit of Vegas

Here are some pictures from the trip:
Friday- May 7th, 2010
Taylor & Janna on the way to Treasure Island's Pirate Show
Here we are after the Pirate Show...it was very dumb haha. And I know Taylor was disappointed in the story line and depth of the characters!
Janna, Bre, Laura, Taylor, & me
At the game Friday night- Laura, Bre, & me
BYU lost 8-9 in the 11th inning 
After the game Friday night- Brandon & Breanne Relf.  
Kevin & I and the Relfs ate at the Hard Rock Casino at a place called 'Luckys"
Basically if you want a really good deal on dinner go to the Hard Rock Casino and walk straight through the casino and you will see a restaurant.  Ask for the "Gambler's Special" and it includes: steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and a salad.  AND it only costs $7.77ish. So that is an amazing deal for all of that food! I mean steak is always way more than that! I don't think it is listed on the menu.  The Relf's and Kevin and I went to steal this deal, thanks to Coach Roberts for telling us about it.
Kevin eating ranch? No idea.
Saturday- May 8, 2010
BYU won 16-7
All the wives wore our "Mrs. Sloan" shirts, or whatever their husband's last name is and number.  It was SO hot so we all found the only shade we could and sat there. Shortly after the game we peaced out and headed back to Provo! Sucks we couldn't follow the guys to ASU.
Here is us after the game Saturday.  
Kevin leaving the UNLV stadium.
It was SUCH a fun trip!!! Loved it! 
Anyone wanna roadtrip to San Diego? 
(Anyone- not just the wives...tell me if you do! It'll be around May 25ish to see the MWC Tournament in San Diego, CA)

Survival of the Stratosphere

On the way to Vegas, I remember that there were some scary rides on top of a tall building, because Shayla Forsey (my good friend) rode them.  I remember seeing her pictures. So I texted Kevin asking him if he would go on the rides with me and he said yes.  I hadn't even seen the rides yet nor knew what they were...which may have been a mistake hahaha. I am scared of heights and this is exactly that.  It cost $11 to ride up to the top and then $11-12 for each ride OR ride up and all 3 rides for $30.  So we purchased the whole package!
Kevin & Me waiting for the rides to open
Still hadn't seen the rides
Up closer to the top of the Stratosphere...I did not like this! Kevin wanted me to stand up but I felt too scared so I sat down lol.
Here we are on INSANITY. This ride was the 2nd worst ride.  This is us before we rode it and I will still freaked out.  Kevin and Alex Hancock & Chris Capper were making obnoxious noises on the ride like fake barf sounds lol.  I was pretty much hyperventilating.  Nick Birch was probably just as scared as more or more scared haha. I did. I pretty much had my eyes closed the whole ride but I did open them sometimes.
Left to right- Brandon Relf's head, Matthew Neil, Kevin, me, Alex Hancock, & Chris Capper

Here is a different picture of the ride:
Kevin & I after the Insanity ride. I was so glad to get off that thing!
Love him.
Chris Capper & Nick Birch
This is the 2nd ride we rode and it is called X-Sream.  This was probably the least scariest ride I think.  I feel better in roller coasters.  The ride would speed up to the bottom of the track and then stop suddenly (thank goodness) and then the ride would drop and you would be facing the ground more. So freaky.
Laura & Matthew Neil (in the front) and me & Kevin behind them
Here is another picture of the ride:
This was the WORST ride EVER!!! Big Shot. Hated it. I hate the feeling where your stomach flies out of your body.  So I had to scream through it.  I was holding on so hard and I think when I was falling down one time I said, "I hate this ride! I hate this ride! I hate this ride!" And then we got off the ride and there was the worst picture of me ever.  They took the pics so we could buy them and we almost did.  It was probably the MOST Unattractive picture of me, ever. ever taken. it was bad.
Taylor & Dane Nielsen...love them!!! This was after the game before we all went out to eat at Bucco Di Beppo.
Janna & Nick Birch- LOVE them!
Alex Hancock doing some weird things with his eyes!!! Agh, gives me the willies.
Kevin & me.