Northern European Summer Cruise

Can't wait. We leave July 3 from Amsterdam.  It will be my family, me, and Kevin.  By the way, if you haven't been on a cruise before I HIGHLY recommend it.  They are SOOO much fun! So much food and the cruise ships themselves are very fun to explore!! And you get dressed up certain nights. And you get to see fabulous cities! Ahh so stoked!!!
Here is our ship: Celebrity Constellation
Here is our route:
Can't wait to see Northern Europe!!! Here are some of the places we will be going:
First Stop: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Second Stop: Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany 
(Deutschland)-- I LOVEEEEE Germany!!!!!!!!!
Third Stop: Stockholm, Sweden
Fourth Stop: Helsinki, Finland
Fifth Stop: St. Petersburg, Russia
Sixth Stop: Tallinn, Estonia
Seventh Stop: Copenhagen, Denmark
 So excited!!! :)