New Best Friend Forever! NEBBY!

So I was bffs with this Nebby Nebulizer. I think this picture is hilarious and it is definately NOT attractive.  However it is hilarious so I will share.  As I was sick the past 2 weeks (and I'm better now) I was bffs with this machine. Hook it to the wall. Attach the mousepiece and the jazz and smoke away. Basically it is a glorified inhalor that would help me breathe, because it was hurting to breathe.  Especially when I took deep breathes. And way bad when I worked out or danced (even half waying it).  So I did this smoking contraption every 4 hours. And I returned her this past Friday.  Here is the awful pic. And the awful awkward chunk of bangs (it is getting cut tomorrow- hallelujah!).
This is the same sickness as: Sicky (asthmatic bronchitis)


  1. That's the one. I'm sure it was a love-hate relationship. Nebby is a lifesaver!

    I love your face in that picture!

  2. haha...even with the nebulizer...you're still beautiful :)