Miss Katinka's Vacation

She is the coolest puppy ever.  She is my baby.  This is the first time I haven't been with Katinka since I've had her.  I had to find a puppysitter for her while I took my Spring break in CO, as Kevin was out of town for Baseball (as usual).  I went snowboarding for my Spring break, which is why she is laying on my snowboard bag full of my gear and board! It was actually really cute but she fell asleep on it and I wished I could take her with! We were so luckily a couple offered to watch her!!! Thank goodness! I don't know what I would have done, well put her in a kennel because I couldn't have her at the condos at Copper Mountain.  Josh & Amanda Duvall offered to watch her! Amanda Duvall knows a lot about dogs and is trying to prove to her husband that she can handle one, so that she can eventually get one! So it worked out well! Here are a few pictures of Katinka on her vaca:
Sunbathing (so typical for her)
Katinka being walked in the house by a cute little girl!
Katinka still on her walk!
And there we have it! I was only gone 3 days but I kept thinking about her!

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