Katinka HATES Cosmo

Here is Katinka watching Cosmo. Katinka HATES Cosmo.  I snuck her in one of the games a few weeks ago and Cosmo noticed her and provoked her.  Cosmo was getting all up in her 'bidnass' and 'growling' and shaking his paws at her and getting all close.  Cosmo is probably the closest relative to anyone at the Baseball game to her haha but she hated him.  Cosmo did this a few times. Basically Katinka hated him and was growling and barking and pretty much everyone at the Baseball game knew there was a little chihuahua there. Thanks for helping me be sneaky Cosmo haha. I wish I got more pics but I was holding Katinka back and luckily Laura caught this one! Thanks again Laura! It is a hilarious pic!

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