Happy Birthday Katinka!

Here is my baby. I love her so much! She is 1 YEAR OLD!!! Gosh that makes me sad. So basically she is 7 years old (1 Year=7 Dog Years).  
Here are a few reasons why I love Katinka:
1. She loves birds. Here she is staring at this bird we bought (with a bird cage at Tai Pan Trading).  She kept barking at it and I put it on the floor and she was running in circles around it. Not only does she love fake birds but she loves real ones.  Every morning when I take her out on a walk she runs to a group of bushes on the side of the apartment complex.  There are sometimes birds in the bush and she loves to run after them.  I think the birds have learned to move from that bush because Katinka sure likes to chase them. 
 2.  She loves photoshoots.  She came up to me when I was holding my camera one time and kept staring at me while I took pictures.  She is so great at posing!
3.  She is sexy.  Look at her eyebrows.  They are kind of surprised but I think it is cute.
4. She is funny. Here she is playing her game where she gets stuck behind our couch and then cries until we get her.
5. She has great style. 
6. She is spiritual. [Praying]
7. She loves to do tricks....for treats. Here she is 'sitting.'
8. She loves to play...fetch.
9. She loves bones. PS. She rocked the 'cone of shame.'
10. She is snuggly AND she is fabulous to sleep with.  She just curls up in a little ball and goes to sleep!
 11.  She is small. Okay she was like 10 weeks old here, but she still is small! Just 5lbs of love!
12. She is a traveler. She has ridden in a bus (okay she threw up on that one), cars (so good), strollers, doggy purses (pooped in it once at Walmart and I got kicked out), and airplanes.  You name it.  She will travel.  She is such a good travel girl.
[Obviously she can't read this but seriously she rocks. And I love her.  And I have SO many more cute pics of her I could go on and on so I will end it now.]


  1. awwww, what a cute post! I was giggling at some of those pictures (praying etc...)

    and this reminds me, yesterday in the car we passed a girl walking a tiny little dog and lily started yelling..."STOP mom STOP, it's Katinka!!" it was cute.

  2. LOL yea. Obv she wasn't praying-well you never know haha. But I had fun making this post. OH that is so cute that Lily thought she saw Katinka!!! That is great. She will see her this summer for sure though!