So I got my grades for this semester...just like 1 minute ago...and..............


Got my 2nd highest semester GPA of 3.90

Here are the stats:
Winter Semester 2010
BUS M 341 Marketing Management 3.00 ...A
BUS M 361 Operations (Supply Chain) Management 3.00 ...A-
BUS M 390 Ethics for Management 3.00 ...A
DANCE 370 World Dance Technique 2 1.00 ...B+
DANCE 477 Dance- A Reflection of Culture 2.00 ...A
ORG B 321 Organizational Effectiveness 3.00 ...A

SEM HR ERN 15.00 HR GRD 15.00 GPA 3.90

Let's say I'm pumped. Took the Business Integrated Core which is full of group projects. On all of my tests I got A's (except for a B in Supply Chain once) and my grade depended on how our group did on the projects for each class. My group was a procrastinating one and I am the opposite so let’s say it was a stressful semester! Let's just say I am now NOT a fan of group projects...for the most part.

Note on dance classes- took the Advanced level of Folk dance and the teacher was a bit anal. He was very very picky and you would copy his movements and still he would find something wrong with everyone’s dancing so that you wouldn’t get an A. The dance classes are graded real hard at BYU and definitely aren’t an easy A but still…for the majority I always get A’s. (Unless it’s a semi-hard ballet class…which is very awkward!) So QUITE pathetic that I got that B+ in comparison to my Business classes.

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BusinessWeek, 2010


  1. Thanks girl! I'm pretty excited haha.

  2. WAY TO GO!!

    That is so very very impressive holy cow!!

    And isn't that always the case with religion classes and electives!! I think most of my Bs came from those! errrggg!