General Conference/Girls Day!

This was a long fun day! We started off by watching the Saturday's General Conference session at my house.  This was bright and early and Laura Neil and Janna Birch came over.  Here I am working on our tie blankets.  Janna & I got the material at Joann's a few days earlier and we made our blankets this day!
I also made pancakes for everyone AND Katinka! I made Katinka a small pancake and she ran away as soon as she got it.  When she gets something good, she knows it, and thinks we will take it from her.  So she runs off and it is pretty hilarious. 
Here is myself and Janna with our finished products! Okay not the most attractive picture but here is our blankets! I put baseball balls on one side and BYU on the other and Janna did straight up BYU on both sides.
Here is Janna chilling with Katinka.  Katinka sure likes her!
Laura on the phone!!! 
Kelly came over after work and met up with us for the Afternoon session of Conference!
After the Afternoon session we all went to Rumbi Grill.  Here is Janna, Laura, & Taylor.
We were going to see When In Rome in the dollar theatre but it was sold out so we ran to the mall for some fun.  I really wanted to pick out prego clothes for Taylor so we went to Motherhood Maternity and actually ended up in Forever 21 for a long time after! It is nice that there are so many flowy bigger shirts that are in style now so I guess I will be able to wear a lot of my clothes for when I get pregnant.  
Here is Taylor in a cute shirt! With her cute belly!
"I love my bump. I love my bump!"
Kelly & I found a belly sitting in the dressing room and decided to try it on.  
Here I am as a prego GIRL! Blahh it was hilarious.
Kelly as a pregnant lady!
Here is Taylor & Kelly in the Forever 21 dressing room! Fun shirts!
So the boys are off for another weekend of Baseball so hopefully we will all hangout again! 


  1. your blankets turned out awesome! how fun!!

    and you're a CUTE pregnant girl...which btw would be an awesome april fools to text that pic to someone (for next year of course) and it has nothing to do with car crashes :)

  2. haha! I don't mind the picture. I can't believe how pregnant I look in that last picture. the shirt looks cute with my belly-I am glad I bought it. We should definitely hang out again soon. Friday night - when in rome.

  3. ha, I dont care if you put it up. I think its hilarious! Friday Night for sure! We should buy tickets beforehand. haha.

  4. Tara- Haha maybe I will use that as an April Fools or just as a joke sometime! It's great! I have no idea how far along I 'look' ha.

    Taylor/Kelly- When In Rome. Done. Deal. Let's do it. Get the word out!!!