Finals Week

Lately I have been:

1. Stressed out.
2. Sick with asthmatic bronchitis.
3. Best friends with my nebulizer. (See #2).
4. Not exercising. (See #2).
5. Studying my brains out.
6. Wondering if I should add a second minor...Psychology. Wondering if I could fit in those credits independent study and in my last semester at BYU (next Winter) and possibly next Spring (if Kevin doesn't take 19 credits Winter and then graduates after Spring). 
7. Bummed I didn't get the Care Technician job.
8. Wondering why Center for Change won't hire me. (See #7). Maybe it's because I'm not a Behavioral Science major or Psychology or Theurapuetic Recreation major. Maybe because I have no experience working in the mental health field. But they should because I know an employee there (a legit one who has worked there for 2ish years) and known people who've had eating disorders and answered all of their interview questions good. I mean real good. 
8. Wishing my house would clean itself. Especially the laundry.

[This is basically what I am studying for. Dance. See #1 below. I am studying about different dances from different countries and cultures and everything behind it! And this picture is me with Jordan & Kaycie before a little Chinese dance performance...I LOVE CHINESE DANCE!!!]

But I have also been:

1. Happy I have 1 final left (Dance 477)...and I will be officially on Summer break tomorrow at approximately 5pm!
2. Pumped to find some sweet places to volunteer with Shayla this spring term.  Any good places to volunteer?
3. Excited for BYU Baseball games. Like really excited.
4. Stoked for the BYU Baseball vs. UNLV series, as me and some of the wives are roadtrippin' it out to Vegas and staying in a hotel room together.
5. WAY pumped to go to Europe this summer. Nuff said.
6. Grateful that Kevin has a job selling pest control for his brother-in-law's company with A LOT of flexibility. So we will be able to go on our European cruise in the middle of July.
7. Grateful that I have a JOB with my father-in-law's company. I will basically be a temp and doing random busywork and data entry and who knows what. I'll be that girl who does random things for people.
8. Excited for Emily to come visit this Thursday. We will be doing a lot of shopping, going to the Women's Expo, going to BYU Baseball games, and hanging out.
9. Grateful for Kevin & Katinka.
10. Excited to learn how to sew (a little bit) with Taylor Nielsen. I already bought a skirt pattern and material. 

That is it for today! Off to more studying! Studying for my last final of Dance: A Reflections of Culture!


  1. I have asthma too, well HAD asthma until I moved here. I used a nebulizer ever since I was 3. Kind of pathetic.
    But alas, I'm still alive thanks to that machine. I hope you feel better and cant wait to finally work out again with you! :D


    We can't wait until you get here :)

  3. Hey. Love yer blog. Hope u have a great day! Love. Dad.

  4. Marci- Now that you mention you have asthma I can totally tell! Just kidding but that is crazy you lived off a nebulizer- so fun right?

    Tara-Were pumped to see you! June is coming up!

    Dad- Thanks! I dominated my finals and got an A in Marketing! Very important considering its my emphasis haha. Love you too.