BYU Baseball vs. UNLV Home Series

3 games. So much fun.
Here are the stats...
March 25, 2010- Thursday- BYU won 12-11
March 26, 2010- Friday- BYU won 8-4
March 27, 2010- Saturday- BYU lost 5-11

And here are the pictures...
[Note: this post has A LOT of pics...so sorry it is long!)
Thursday game:
Kaycie & Katinka (snuck her in!)
Kaycie & I
Mariah (Kelly's friend- I think that is her name), Kelly, & Katinka. CUTE haha. Kelly is giving Katinka something!  Basically Katinka smelled Kelly's churro and hopped over a few girls laps to get to Kelly and her churro!  She is ALL about food!
Laura & Katinka
Pictures taken by Laura Neil...(THANKS GIRL!)
Friday game: 
I was in the testing center taking a Supply Chain test for my Business Management 361 class and got there in the 7th inning...too late and too cold. So no pictures...
Saturday game:
Janna, Janna's friend (forgot her name...Janna what is it? Lol), & me
A lot of the wives & a friend & COSMO


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  2. I love that you are so good at putting up baseball pictures. I need to start posting more about the games. Dane told me that you scolded Kevin for yesterday. haha! He told me you were so mad at Kevin you weren't talking to him (he was joking). I was freaking out - I almost posted again telling the world I wasn't seriously mad. You guys are awesome!

  3. You did have one post about Dane right after the TCU game? Ha but yeah we need to take more pictures at the games I think! Oh and that was so funny- I gave Kevin a hard time because I thought your post was hilarious and I wasn't seriously mad haha. But I did see Dane on skype for a second...I said your blog post was funny!