BYU Baseball TCU Series

TCU Series: We actually got swept so I won't put the scores haha. But it was a fun series nonetheless! And it was televised.

April 15- Thursday

Kelly, Dani, & me.
Dani & me.
Kelly, Dani, & me.

April 16- Friday
 (My parents, and Zach and Hunter, flew in the night before to watch the series and see their son-in-law pitch for the first time!)

 Me & Zach (my bro)
Ben & Amanda- love this couple! They are moving to Washington D.C. this summer so we won't be able to hangout which sucks!
Kelly, Taylor, Laura- Taylor (in PINK) found out earlier this day the sex of her child! So she wore pink to the game and is obviously having a little girl :) So excited for her!!! She will be a great mom!

April 17- Saturday

Kevin pitching!
Me & my mom.
My mom & aunt JaKie.
My dad & me.
Erin (engaged to Austin Hall), me, Laura, Tellie, Kelly, Breanne, & Taylor!
Waiting for Kevin after the game with my family- Me & my mom.
Kevin (in his new hat) & me after the game.
Back of my shirt= Mrs.Sloan
Only picture we got at the Bombay House (yes we ate there AGAIN). Kevin (weird face as usual) & me and LuKus's arm.


  1. ha ha! I love that post. You and sloan...I mean kevin are so cute!

  2. oh, I LOVE those shirts! you girls are so cute!!

    remember last year how you were the only wife...my how fast things change at BYU :) haha.

  3. Taylor- Your so cute!

    Tara- Thanks! We made the shirts online and Kathy has one too! And yes there are a lot more wives! So good. And man your bro rocks at Baseball!