April Fools

Every year I get soooo messed with on April Fool's Day.

April 1, 2008: So my mom was coming out for my dance performance (Folk dance- Spring Festival of Nations) and was flying out that day.  I remember being in the Math Lab doing some Calculus and then my mom texted me saying that she was in a bad car accident and that she was in the hospital.  She said she broke some part of her neck or collarbone or something like that.  She said she probably wasn't going to be able to make it to Utah.  I was so worried and then I called Kevin and apparantly my mom texted him too.  Kevin and I were dating at this time and getting serious but she brought him in on the joke.  Basically I was talking to Kevin (I just called him) and telling him about it and was worried and he said that he talked to her too.  And somehow it came out that it was a joke.  I can't believe I fell for it.  Every year I remember it is April 1st after a few people have talked about it and then I remembered haha. But this wasn't a funny April Fools joke! I was so worried!

April 1, 2009: I don't remember this one, but I'm sure I got fooled.

April 1, 2010: This is when Kevin came in and freaked me out! So Kevin was out of town in California (San Fransisco and San Jose) for Baseball and then I got a text.  He had sent the text an hour earlier than when I read it.  I was working with my Marketing group working on a Marketing Strategy for a local Pizzeria, actually it is Nicolitalia's Pizzeria, when I read it.  This is what Kevin texted me...

"Wow, so I guess the San Jose St. team bus got in a pretty bad wreck going to their field and a bunch of the players are in critical condition.  And one was pronounced dead.  So I guess we're coming home in the morning"

Of course I believed him!!! I was like "OH MY GOSH! That is so sad!" And read it to the 4 guys in my Marketing group.  Then I texted Kevin:

"Oh my gosh that's so sad! Did you end up playing them today? When was the accident? I love you."

Then I called Kevin like 5 times and he didn't answer.  I was confused but then I left my group at 9pm and was walking back to my car from the Tanner Building (Business building on campus) when I got a text from Janna Birch.  Janna is another wife on the BYU Baseball team.  She said "Your husband is pitching!" So I call her and was like "Did you hear what happened?" and told her the story and was like...um...it's April Fools Day..and was laughing hysterically. And then I realized Kevin screwed me over hahaha. So we laughed and then I didn't have to worry anymore.  And that is why Kevin was not answering my texts or calls. So there we have it! My family always does the most seriously messed up April Fools jokes!

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  1. ha!

    one of these days..there is going to be a REAL crash...and they will be sorry, cause you'll say..."whatever" :)