Insane Asylum

I am checking myself in to the mental hospital!!!

...Just kidding. I am officially a volunteer for the Utah State Hospital (used to be named an insane asylum) which is a mental hospital that has adult services, pediatric (children and adolescent), and forensic services.  In the forensic units, they are patients who are criminals, so it is very jail-like, and they are not mentally competent to stand in court.  They go there to become mentally competent.

Shayla and I went to a volunteer orientation and are going to be volunteering Tuesday nights for activities with the children and adult patients AND working in the adolescent girls wards (ages 13-18) which is available everyday... and I may do more like in the adult units.  So if you want to volunteer you should let me know!  Basically it'll be just doing activities with the patients and other therapeutic recreation type things- games, sports, art, etc...And you can volunteer any day.  You even get a cool badge.

Very interesting but the lady teaching the orientation said that about 85% of the patients are schizophrenic.  WOW. Never been around a schizophrenic but I am sure interested in seeing how these patients act.  And she said that a lot of the patients will be in the hospital until they die.  Some get well enough to go live back at home and acclimate to the community but a lot can't.

The volunteers can't give their names (only first name) or give presents or gifts to the patients.  The lady said the patients can be very manipulative and sometimes will say inappropriate things to see how you react.  They sometimes like to run away which is kind of a game for the patients- they never get real far because there are woods around them and they don't have much money...but if they do run away we don't have to chase after them but tell an employee who will send out the Utah State Hospital police people and contact the Provo police as well.

SO...I think it will be VERY interesting!!!! And I'm pumped.  Just have to get a tuberculosis test to make sure I don't have it and then I am basically good to go!

NOTE: If you do a google image search and type in insane asylum or psychiatric ward you will find VERY creepy pictures...

A lot of people think that mental hospitals are weird and crazy but I think they are interesting too. Like how are they like that?

Kevin's 7th Pitching WIN of the season

Sorry this is my 2nd Baseball article post tonight lol but Kev is getting kind of a lot of wins...and it's getting very exciting! So far his W-L (win-loss) record is: 7-0.  Awesome.  I'm starting to get nervous now because I want him to get as many wins as he can (obviously) but that is kind of a lot of wins.  Well see how it goes! Hopefully he'll get 10! Here is an article on the game. By the way- this game was INTENSE.  AWESOME game. LOVVVEED it. Seriously, it was so crazy and everyone was sooo excited after it! BYU beat Utah in the 3 game series 2-1.  AND they got the Deseret Duel trophy and all that. But here's the article:

Wolfe's Walk-off Wins Duel  
by Brett Pyne, BYU Athletic Communications

Alex Wolfe has his 10th home run trot with a walk-off homer in a 6-4 victory over Utah.   BYU Photo/Jaren Wilkey

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Walk-off Whips Utes For Duel Trophy

PROVO, Utah (April 24, 2010) — Delivered with a dramatic two-run walk-off home run by third baseman Alex Wolfe, BYU earned a 6-4 victory over rival Utah Saturday to claim the baseball Deseret First Duel title.

“Winning the Deseret First Duel is important to us,” BYU coach Vance Law said. “The guys fought hard and played all 27 outs. They showed great character.”

The Cougars improve to 18-20 on the year and 6-9 in Mountain West Conference play with the victory while Utah falls to 19-18 overall and 7-8 in MWC action.

If the season-high crowd of 1,826 fans attending Saturday’s decisive battle for the baseball Deseret First Duel came to witness great baseball drama, they got their wish. The contest was a back-and-forth duel in every sense and ended with the home-standing Cougars celebrating in full force at home plate after scoring three runs in the bottom of the ninth to come back for the win.

Entering their final at-bat trailing 4-3, the Cougars put five batters at the plate to produce the three runs that would provide the winning tally. Shortstop Austin Hall started with a single to right and stole second base to put the tying run in scoring position. With two outs, catcher C.J. Ayoso knocked the first pitch up the middle to send Hall home from third to even the scoreboard.

The Cougar faithful were still enjoying Ayoso’s clutch performance when Wolfe brought the crowd to its feet and his teammates from the dugout with a one-one-count opposite-field blast over the leftfield wall to clear the bases. The win gave BYU the Duel's baseball portion for the third straight year over the Utes.

“That was a huge home run,” Law said. “After almost three hours of misery, it was 30-seconds of ecstasy.”

Utah got on the board first in the top of the second with one run, but BYU manufactured two runs on three singles as Ryan Bernal, Jonathan Cluff and Chase Frampton all found holes in the Ute defense.

The Cougars nearly put another run across the plate in the bottom of the third when Sean McNaughton sent a fly ball into right field with one out and runners on the corners. Brandon Relf tagged from third but was thrown out at home by Utah’s Rick Cornu for a disputed double play.

The fourth inning held some promise as well for the Cougars as Cluff followed Bernal’s leadoff hit-by-pitch walk with a double down the left field line. The BYU bats, however, were unable to deliver as Utah got the next three batters to get out of the jam.

Utah reclaimed the lead in the top of the sixth when leftfielder Nick Gumeson sent a shot over the rightfield wall to bring in catcher C.J. Cron, who started the inning with a single. After a ground-ball out to Hall at shortstop was followed with a Utah single, Cougar starter Chris Capper produced another grounder that Hall and Relf turned for a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning.

Cougar centerfielder Stephen Wells evened the tally in the bottom of the seventh when he blasted a one-out solo home run well over the fence in right-center to chase Utah pitcher Bryn Card from the game. Utah, however, responded with a run in the top-half of the next inning to get the upper hand at 4-3 and force Capper from the contest.

On in relief, Kevin Sloan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting shut down the Utes in the top half of the ninth to set up the come-from-behind final at-bat for the Cougars. Sloan earned the win to improve to 7-0 on the season. It was Sloan's second win this week over Utah.

Ayoso, Cluff and Wolfe each delivered two hits on the day to highlight the offensive production. BYU earned its six runs on 11 hits while Utah was able to cross the plate four times on its 12 hits.

The Cougars take a break from league action as they play next week in Seattle against the universities of Seattle and Portland.

If you want to see the entire article: Click here 


First BYU Baseball vs. Utah game

Kev got his 6th win! I was so proud of him, although I was picking up my friend from the airport and had to miss this epic game. Gotta love beating the Utah Utes.  Here is an article on the game...

Wolfe's Double Downs Utes  
by Jake Drzayich, BYU Athletic Communications
Wolfe scored three of BYU's nine runs.   BYU Photo/Jaren Wilkey

McKnight Picks Up Sixth Save
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Cougars Comeback to Beat Utes

PROVO, Utah (April 22, 2010) - Alex Wolfe hit a two-out double in the bottom of the eighth inning Thursday to lift BYU to a 9-7 victory over Utah at Larry H. Miller Field.

“That was a fun game,” said BYU head coach Vance Law. “Wins and losses take care of themselves when we go out and play well.”

Senior reliever Kevin Sloan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting preserved his perfect record; going just over one inning to record his sixth win of the season. The right-hander struck out one and allowed one hit in front of a season-high crowd of 1,279.

The Cougars (17-19 overall and 5-8 in the Mountain West Conference) jumped out to an early lead on a two-out, RBI single from junior Ryan Bernal. Bernal was 2-for-3 on the night with four RBI and a three-run home run, while playing left field for the first time since junior college.

Joining Bernal in changing positions were senior Brandon Relf, who played second base instead of shortstop, junior Dane Nielsen, who moved from second to third and sophomore Austin Hall, who was at short instead of third.

Wolfe continued his hot streak, going 4-for-4, with two RBI, including the game-winner on a two-out double in the bottom of the eighth off of Ute pitcher Zach Adams, whom he coached last summer. Wolfe raised his batting average from .321 to .340 in his performance.

“It’s the Utes,” Wolfe said. “You’ve got to beat these guys.”

With the victory, the Cougars avenged last year’s Mountain West Conference tournament loss to the Utes.

The three-game series of the Deseret First Duel continues Friday and Saturday at 6:00 and 1:00 p.m., respectively. The Friday night game will be broadcast live on BYU-TV.

If you want to see the entire article: Click here


New Best Friend Forever! NEBBY!

So I was bffs with this Nebby Nebulizer. I think this picture is hilarious and it is definately NOT attractive.  However it is hilarious so I will share.  As I was sick the past 2 weeks (and I'm better now) I was bffs with this machine. Hook it to the wall. Attach the mousepiece and the jazz and smoke away. Basically it is a glorified inhalor that would help me breathe, because it was hurting to breathe.  Especially when I took deep breathes. And way bad when I worked out or danced (even half waying it).  So I did this smoking contraption every 4 hours. And I returned her this past Friday.  Here is the awful pic. And the awful awkward chunk of bangs (it is getting cut tomorrow- hallelujah!).
This is the same sickness as: Sicky (asthmatic bronchitis)

Recommend: Siegfried's Delicatessen


It is German.  German cuisine.  Siegfried's Delicatessen is a German restaurant in Salt Lake City. Highly recommend it.  I felt like I was in Europe just eating there. I love those types of places, where you feel you are out of the US.   

I am German and LOVEEE everything German. Lederhosen. The language.  Schwarzwald.  Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  Castles aka Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau. Spaetzle. Dumplings. Goulash. 

I took 4 years of German in high school and went to Germany with my family when I was in high school.  I went to specifically: Munich (Munchen) and the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) and tons of castles and Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  I get so excited when I remember (because a few times I have thought aw I wish I was going to Germany!) that I am going to Germany this summer, although it is just for a day...I am going to GERMANY!

Isn't this magnet fabulous? I had to buy it. I want the dirndl so bad (the girls clothes). Who wouldn't? Also do you love the weiners and brats to the right?
Fantastic meal of spaetzle mit goulash und brot.
My mom and me. We were so pumped to be eating here. In the background to your left are authentic German cookies, treats, and snacks to buy.
Just for fun I looked through my facebook albums and found some pictures of Germany that I took on my families vacation years ago...(I had a huge folder on my computer but all of my photos, videos, songs, etc were deleted thanks to Best Buy Geek Squad aka worst buy)
The beautiful town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen
Gorgeous Garmisch-Partenkirchen with Zugspitze in the background. Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in Germany. Definitely rode a gondola up to the top...and it was VERY scary!!!
A little sign up at the top of Zugspitze. Love it. Gosh I LOVE the German language!
The famous Glockenspiel in Munchen. The Glockenspiel is a famous clock.
Just a big drinking tavern. Gotta LOVE crazy Germans in lederhosen with whips!!! I remember the Germans were drinking beer and singing. So hilarious.
Andddd the beautiful.....Neuschwanstein!
Auf Wiedersehen! Tschus! Tschau!


So I got my grades for this semester...just like 1 minute ago...and..............


Got my 2nd highest semester GPA of 3.90

Here are the stats:
Winter Semester 2010
BUS M 341 Marketing Management 3.00 ...A
BUS M 361 Operations (Supply Chain) Management 3.00 ...A-
BUS M 390 Ethics for Management 3.00 ...A
DANCE 370 World Dance Technique 2 1.00 ...B+
DANCE 477 Dance- A Reflection of Culture 2.00 ...A
ORG B 321 Organizational Effectiveness 3.00 ...A

SEM HR ERN 15.00 HR GRD 15.00 GPA 3.90

Let's say I'm pumped. Took the Business Integrated Core which is full of group projects. On all of my tests I got A's (except for a B in Supply Chain once) and my grade depended on how our group did on the projects for each class. My group was a procrastinating one and I am the opposite so let’s say it was a stressful semester! Let's just say I am now NOT a fan of group projects...for the most part.

Note on dance classes- took the Advanced level of Folk dance and the teacher was a bit anal. He was very very picky and you would copy his movements and still he would find something wrong with everyone’s dancing so that you wouldn’t get an A. The dance classes are graded real hard at BYU and definitely aren’t an easy A but still…for the majority I always get A’s. (Unless it’s a semi-hard ballet class…which is very awkward!) So QUITE pathetic that I got that B+ in comparison to my Business classes.

BYU Marriott School is ranked:

Undergraduate Programs
BusinessWeek, 2010


BYU Baseball TCU Series

TCU Series: We actually got swept so I won't put the scores haha. But it was a fun series nonetheless! And it was televised.

April 15- Thursday

Kelly, Dani, & me.
Dani & me.
Kelly, Dani, & me.

April 16- Friday
 (My parents, and Zach and Hunter, flew in the night before to watch the series and see their son-in-law pitch for the first time!)

 Me & Zach (my bro)
Ben & Amanda- love this couple! They are moving to Washington D.C. this summer so we won't be able to hangout which sucks!
Kelly, Taylor, Laura- Taylor (in PINK) found out earlier this day the sex of her child! So she wore pink to the game and is obviously having a little girl :) So excited for her!!! She will be a great mom!

April 17- Saturday

Kevin pitching!
Me & my mom.
My mom & aunt JaKie.
My dad & me.
Erin (engaged to Austin Hall), me, Laura, Tellie, Kelly, Breanne, & Taylor!
Waiting for Kevin after the game with my family- Me & my mom.
Kevin (in his new hat) & me after the game.
Back of my shirt= Mrs.Sloan
Only picture we got at the Bombay House (yes we ate there AGAIN). Kevin (weird face as usual) & me and LuKus's arm.


Finals Week

Lately I have been:

1. Stressed out.
2. Sick with asthmatic bronchitis.
3. Best friends with my nebulizer. (See #2).
4. Not exercising. (See #2).
5. Studying my brains out.
6. Wondering if I should add a second minor...Psychology. Wondering if I could fit in those credits independent study and in my last semester at BYU (next Winter) and possibly next Spring (if Kevin doesn't take 19 credits Winter and then graduates after Spring). 
7. Bummed I didn't get the Care Technician job.
8. Wondering why Center for Change won't hire me. (See #7). Maybe it's because I'm not a Behavioral Science major or Psychology or Theurapuetic Recreation major. Maybe because I have no experience working in the mental health field. But they should because I know an employee there (a legit one who has worked there for 2ish years) and known people who've had eating disorders and answered all of their interview questions good. I mean real good. 
8. Wishing my house would clean itself. Especially the laundry.

[This is basically what I am studying for. Dance. See #1 below. I am studying about different dances from different countries and cultures and everything behind it! And this picture is me with Jordan & Kaycie before a little Chinese dance performance...I LOVE CHINESE DANCE!!!]

But I have also been:

1. Happy I have 1 final left (Dance 477)...and I will be officially on Summer break tomorrow at approximately 5pm!
2. Pumped to find some sweet places to volunteer with Shayla this spring term.  Any good places to volunteer?
3. Excited for BYU Baseball games. Like really excited.
4. Stoked for the BYU Baseball vs. UNLV series, as me and some of the wives are roadtrippin' it out to Vegas and staying in a hotel room together.
5. WAY pumped to go to Europe this summer. Nuff said.
6. Grateful that Kevin has a job selling pest control for his brother-in-law's company with A LOT of flexibility. So we will be able to go on our European cruise in the middle of July.
7. Grateful that I have a JOB with my father-in-law's company. I will basically be a temp and doing random busywork and data entry and who knows what. I'll be that girl who does random things for people.
8. Excited for Emily to come visit this Thursday. We will be doing a lot of shopping, going to the Women's Expo, going to BYU Baseball games, and hanging out.
9. Grateful for Kevin & Katinka.
10. Excited to learn how to sew (a little bit) with Taylor Nielsen. I already bought a skirt pattern and material. 

That is it for today! Off to more studying! Studying for my last final of Dance: A Reflections of Culture!



So I am sick. With a cold. Maybe more? Man, life sucks when your sick.  I felt like I was getting sick last Friday night so I slept in till' noon, buuuut that didn't cut it.  Actually I think I have a sinus infection.  So I will most likely call into the doc for tomorrow! I just coughed and Katinka is looking at me funny. Gotta love her.


Northern European Summer Cruise

Can't wait. We leave July 3 from Amsterdam.  It will be my family, me, and Kevin.  By the way, if you haven't been on a cruise before I HIGHLY recommend it.  They are SOOO much fun! So much food and the cruise ships themselves are very fun to explore!! And you get dressed up certain nights. And you get to see fabulous cities! Ahh so stoked!!!
Here is our ship: Celebrity Constellation
Here is our route:
Can't wait to see Northern Europe!!! Here are some of the places we will be going:
First Stop: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Second Stop: Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany 
(Deutschland)-- I LOVEEEEE Germany!!!!!!!!!
Third Stop: Stockholm, Sweden
Fourth Stop: Helsinki, Finland
Fifth Stop: St. Petersburg, Russia
Sixth Stop: Tallinn, Estonia
Seventh Stop: Copenhagen, Denmark
 So excited!!! :)


General Conference/Girls Day!

This was a long fun day! We started off by watching the Saturday's General Conference session at my house.  This was bright and early and Laura Neil and Janna Birch came over.  Here I am working on our tie blankets.  Janna & I got the material at Joann's a few days earlier and we made our blankets this day!
I also made pancakes for everyone AND Katinka! I made Katinka a small pancake and she ran away as soon as she got it.  When she gets something good, she knows it, and thinks we will take it from her.  So she runs off and it is pretty hilarious. 
Here is myself and Janna with our finished products! Okay not the most attractive picture but here is our blankets! I put baseball balls on one side and BYU on the other and Janna did straight up BYU on both sides.
Here is Janna chilling with Katinka.  Katinka sure likes her!
Laura on the phone!!! 
Kelly came over after work and met up with us for the Afternoon session of Conference!
After the Afternoon session we all went to Rumbi Grill.  Here is Janna, Laura, & Taylor.
We were going to see When In Rome in the dollar theatre but it was sold out so we ran to the mall for some fun.  I really wanted to pick out prego clothes for Taylor so we went to Motherhood Maternity and actually ended up in Forever 21 for a long time after! It is nice that there are so many flowy bigger shirts that are in style now so I guess I will be able to wear a lot of my clothes for when I get pregnant.  
Here is Taylor in a cute shirt! With her cute belly!
"I love my bump. I love my bump!"
Kelly & I found a belly sitting in the dressing room and decided to try it on.  
Here I am as a prego GIRL! Blahh it was hilarious.
Kelly as a pregnant lady!
Here is Taylor & Kelly in the Forever 21 dressing room! Fun shirts!
So the boys are off for another weekend of Baseball so hopefully we will all hangout again!