Sunday Lunch

We used to be in the BYU Married 174th Ward...then we had to move out of that ward to get Katinka.  We didn't want to leave that ward but we couldn't find housing in that area.  So...we had stake conference 2 Sundays ago and afterwards went to Sarah & Ryan Vorwaller's home for lunch.  They were probably the coolest people in that ward! We miss hanging out with them and it was fun to catch up.  They also had Sarah's sister come over and another couple from their ward.  It was very fun! And here is an awkward family picture for you.  I think this picture is hilarious.  I wanted everyone in it so we put the camera on a table and yep turned out like a really awkward family picture! Sarah is in the orange and Ryan is sitting on the floor in front and a cute couple is to the left. Her name is Lara and sorry I forgot her hubbys name!


  1. hey now...that's an AWESOME family picture!!

    whoever it was that ran back after setting the timer looks natural...and THAT is something :)

  2. I think we are one smoking hot family! lol...It was so good to see you guys! have to do it again soon! Enjoy Lost tonight! xoxo

  3. Tara- haha it is the guy in the front. I guess he is real good!

    Sarah- Yes you can tell we are all related! Just didn't get the memo to wear orange...thanks sisters! We will have to hangout again soon! Can't wait! And I am going to watch Lost now :)