I eat crap. Like Oreos, chocolate chip cookie dough icecream, croissant rolls, German Chocolate cake, lots of carbs aka breads... and I was browsing through blogs such as the BYU Womens Resources and Services (because I am looking for ways to get involved in mental health and hopefully get a job at a rehab place eventually) and saw this:
So I called because I should eat better and I have no idea what I am eating really.  I know it tastes good. One Oreo equals 70 calories. And it is just good to eat healthy and exercise so you can live longer and not become obese. Not like I will. But it is just good to eat healthy and get in those habits so you don't have to worry later about your blood pressure and cholesterol and all that.  
Went to the appointment today and it was pretty helpful. Learned about the Food Pyramid.  I definately am eating too many grains (pasta/bread/potatoes) and too much sweet or discretionary calories...haha. So it was good. I would recommend it unless you are already an amazing eater. But I really knew nothing.  I just ate what I wanted! Can't always do that.
Here is their blog if you want to go to it:


  1. Ash- you should teach us all one night. I for sure need to learn! I want to be better about eating, I pretty much eat anything too. I LOVE oreos. and twix. hahaha.

    Was it like a meeting or like one on one training?

  2. It was one on one! It really wasn't anything too new but I never worried about what I ate my whole life until like college...and I should just eat healthier :) But I can totally tell you what I learned. It's super basic but I surprisingly didn't know what I learned... If you've taken Nutrition or those kinds of classes in school you would know way more.