I'm a Karate Girl

So...this is a short story. 

In the middle of the night when Kevin & I were sleeping I was dreaming something weird (as usual) and for some reason I felt like I was being attacked.  All of a sudden I go from deep sleeping to karate-chopping Kevin's arm really hard! He wakes up and is like "What are you doing?!?!" I then realize I am kind of sleep/karate chopping and then apparantly say "I thought you were attacking me" and then go to sleep.

Maybe this doesn't seem completely hilarious to you but dang, when Kevin and I look back on it we just start laughing hysterially.  Because...
1. I knew EXACTLY where to hit him on his arm so it hurt
2. My hands had great form for karate chopping- as in my fingers were closed together to form a 'blade'
3. I hit 'super-speed' -like really fast
4. Hit with the bottom of my 'blade'- so the side closest to my pinky fingers (guess the is the place to hit with)
Here is a visual...wow I am good.

Anyways, Kevin and I think it is hilarious and it pretty much made my day because every time I thought of it I started laughing...good times.


  1. HA! Oh yeah, I am crackin up! that is awesome! :)

    oh the joys of sharing a bed...Just this morning david said I woke up in the middle of the night and started searching the covers for something and talking nonsense. ummmm, I don't remember it. :)

  2. Ha ha ha ha! I love that story. I wish I could have seen the whole thing from an outside perspective, that would have been hilarious. I can just imagine you confused . . saying. . . "Oh I thought you were attacking me." Wish you could remember what you were dreaming about.

  3. haha that is TOO funny!

    ps. e-mail me at janalaurene@gmail.com and we can totally figure out your photo session! i'm so excited - you and your husband will make for BEAUTIFUL pictures! and of course you can bring your puppy :)

  4. Karate blade?!?! That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I love how you identify your hand as a blade.

  5. hahaha. love the illustration.
    Dirty dancing soon ya!