I made my own spring break.

BYU doesn't have spring breaks... never has (well maybe a long time ago) and probably never will.  I am a super uptight student and hate missing school- well I would love to- because 'what if my grades are bad'? So. This semester I didn't care and made my OWN spring break.  [Kevin was out of town for baseball in Washington and Texas so this is why I took this little vaca :)] So, I flew out from Salt Lake City to Denver on a Wednesday night after class and flew home on that Sunday.  So I had Thursday, Friday, Saturday for snowboarding and Sunday for church/hangout.  Oh it was my siblings spring break so that is why we had this nice break and time off.  And we definitely went snowboarding at Copper Mountain Ski Resort (highly recommend it).
Here is a picture of my dad, Zach (yoyo man), and me on the ski lift! Thursday's weather was SOOO nice out..so I stole my brother's LRG Zebra hoody to ride in. Thanks to Patrick!
After a day of riding here we are about to go eat at Pizza Carlos. 
We eat there every time we stay at a condo in Copper, actually.
On a monster chair
Patrick & Zach at Pizza Carlos
Hottubbin- me, my mom, Hunter (in front), Zach
 Lunch break during the coldest day of snowboarding that week! It snowed so much overnight and was still snowing like crazy all day! SO MUCH POWDER!
And Hunter learned how to ski...he was hilarious!!!
He got good but this picture was on the bunny slopes when he was learning. He cracks me up. 
 Hunter said "My legs weren't made for skiing." Love it. HA.
 We were all about to see Hunter go down his first whole green run- not just a little bunny hill with a 'magic carpet' that takes him up a few feet again to then go down the bunny hill.  Thank goodness it only took 10 minutes to get down! That is pretty quick, I guess. 
I'm in the green, Patrick (w/bandana on his face), Zach, Hunter.
 It was so much fun hanging out with my family and snowboarding.  It was a much needed break! And then I got right to business (with schoolwork) when I got back in Provo- which sucked.  I do need to say that COLORADO SNOW is way better than UTAH SNOW. Thankyouverymuch.


  1. FUUUN! What a good time! Smart idea to make your own spring break :)

  2. Yeah ha I definitely needed a break! This semester has been crazy! Plus I hate being alone all the time without Kevin :(