Finally...Free stuff!

So I have been planning on doing this post for...a few months, and just never took a picture of all of my free stuff.  I FINALLY did although I have used some of it...so there were a few more things originally not in this picture. Tara Painter (Kevin's sister) told me about this blog- go here: Hip 2 Save . Tara knows all of the good blogs and knows all of the thrifty tips! Basically you go to that site and sign up for freebies, after clicking the one you want and entering your address and information.  MOST of the time you'll receive them and sometimes you won't.  A lot of times you will receive spam (or just promotional emails) from the company that you requested a sample from.  I don't really care about getting a few here and there (it is annoying though) and just delete them or you can click on unsubscribe.  So request samples at your risk.  It is nice to get free things because little random crap you buy at the store add up! Haha so try it!

Here is a picture of MOST of the things I've received, but not all :)

Samples I have received:
  • St. Ive's face scrub with a coupon
  • Aveda travel size shampoo, conditioner, and lotion
  • Stacy's Pita Chips
  • Pedometer (step counter that you wear and it counts your steps) from Tylenol
  • Keep Moving Exercise DVD from Tylenol
  • 3 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons with a $1 off coupon
  • 3 Playtex Sport Tampons with a $1 off coupon
  • 3 Tampax Pearl Tampons with a $2 off coupon
  • Tons more Tampon samples in the past...seriously don't even have to buy any haha! That tampon industry is competitive!
  • 2 samples of Prilosec OTC (4 tablets)- treats heartburn - thanks to Walmart.com
  • Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent -1 load and a $1 off coupon
  • Over $35 in 'Refresh your nest for less' Savings Coupon booklet- coupons for: Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Swiffer (brands that your likely to use)
  • Ultimate Nutrition booklet and 'Red Zone' multi-ingredient supplement (3 caplets)- I showed Kevin this when I got it in the mail because I laughed real hard when I saw the booklet.  On it were two WAY overly buff workout-aholic men.  I told Kevin I would turn out that way and then he said that I couldn't take that 'Red Zone' stuff because apparently its really bad for you! So I thought that was actually funny.
  • Living Proof frizz styling cream 'straight making for medium to thick hair'
  • Head & Shoulders classic clean shampoo & class clean conditioner
  • Chandra Face Care- 1. Almond & Geranium Moisturizer (normal skin). 2. Macadamia with Lotus Moisturizer (anti-aging blend)
  • Philosophy "the gingerbread man" shower gel (Philosophy is found at Sephora and Ulta type of stores)
  • Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer with a 55 cent off coupon
  • Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats -immunity support- Dog wafer treats (perfect for Katinka!)
  • Breathe Right Extra Strips (you put on your nose and helps you breathe better and snore less...haven't tried them yet!)
  • Metamucil Fiber Supplement 'Clear & Natural' Clear-mixing powder
  • Metamucil Fiber Supplement 'Berry Burst' & 'Pink Lemonade' flavored
  • Hellmann's light mayonnaise (can't believe I requested it) and a $1 off coupon
  • Benefiber Fiber Supplement 'Orange' flavor and a $2 coupon 
  • 6 free chapsticks from PETA (I actually won this from RT'ing (re-tweeting) a Twitter post from PETA).  Currently only have 2.  Katinka is a FAN of eating chapsticks! I have 'Animals Out of the Act Tangerine' tangerine scented chapstick and the other is 'No S'more Animal Testing' which is s'more scented
  • Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads with a $1 off coupon
  • Always pads and pantiliners with a coupon
  • Cream of Wheat sample with a $1 off coupon
  • 3 WeightWatchers magazines
I have actually won 2 items from DivaVillage.com
  • Intimo by Wet 'Kitty and total Body Shave Kreme'- a fancy shaving cream
  • Queen Bee t-shirt by Southern Brand Clothing
I recommend requesting samples if you have a few extra minutes (like in class) or if you just want to. :)


  1. ok... put all together like that...WOW! How cool!

  2. Yeah have you gotten anything free recently? I just got some more laundry detergent!