Baseball 1st Home Series vs. Washington

I love going to Kevin's baseball games.  They are so much fun!  It is also great that there are so many wives this year so we can sit together.  Here are a few pictures from the first home series vs. Washington.
March 11, 2010- Thursday
BYU won 10-4
Kev & I after the first game- OH and I am not pregnant. I have my hand in awkward place in this picture haha and it looks like I'm holding a baby bump. Nope!
 March 12, 2010- Friday
BYU won 16-4
 CaLon & LuKus- my two crazy boy cousins! They are so funny and cute!
 Me, LuKus (on my lap), CaLon (above making a crazy face), & JaKie (my aunt)
It was very fun having them at the game! It made it more exciting and the weather was great!
After the game with Kevin.

March 13, 2010- Saturday
BYU lost 10-12
This game started off bad...got real good with a lot of bombs and runs...and then we definitely had the momentum and were going to win but it was the 6th inning (I think) and the score was 10-12...and they had to call the game as a win for Washington because of the snow. This game was SOOOO cold! Note to self or anyone: DO NOT wear rain boots w/o really warm socks when it is cold outside or you are going to be outside for a long time... your feet will go numb and hurt! Anyways- the picture is me, Taylor Nielsen, & Kelly Michon.  Kevin did pitch and did pretty well! Here are some pictures:
Can't wait until next home series! They play next weekend (this week too but away), Thursday March 25, Friday March 26, and Saturday March 27.  They will face UNLV.  I will definitely be there...unless I get hired by Nordstroms and may have to work sometime...?? But well see! I HAVE TO BE THERE! If anyone ever wants to go Kevin can get in 4 people for free to each game so let me know!
[Time to check gametracker for tonight's game vs. Gonzaga!]

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