Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday annnd Kevin was out of town for BYU Baseball.  Their first game was on my birthday (February 19) so he left the day before.  Last year my mom came in town when Kevin was gone during my birthday and she did it again.
February 18th-
Drove to the aiport to pick up my mom.
I had parked in the pick-up area and of course had an annoying encounter of the 
Airport Nazi Police.  It was a her.  Once I pulled up, she ran over and stared at me through my window.  I stared at her and then decided to roll down my window.  She started asking me questions and I said "My mom is right there" and then she left.  I hate Airport Nazi Police.  They are so annoying.  You already know what they are going to say and already know if you stay too long you'll get a ticket.  Somehow she thinks I will stay a long time but I'm just freaking picking up my mom! 
So I see my mom.  I opened the car door and heard her yell "Hunter!" I was like what the heck? Why is my mom calling me Hunter.  Hunter is my younger brother.  And then I also thought she just randomly yelled "Hunter" like she is a crazy person.  Then Hunter popped out and hugged me! It was a complete surprise! So that was very fun! Then the Airport Nazi Police was staring at me so I just threw their bags in the car and hurried my mom and Hunter up.  Hate Airport Nazi Police.

February 19th...my Birthday! 22 years old!
Here is Hunter & me. (His front tooth is loose by the way)
Hunter got me a very cute necklace and a cute notebook from Barnes & Noble.  It has elephants on it (as well as other animals- elephants are my favorite animals!)
My mom & I- Hunter takes awkward pictures haha
She got me a really cute swimsuit, along with some other things.  Here is the swimsuit: My Swimmmsuitt
My mom & I- Dinner at The Spaghetti Factory
We tried to reenact a really weird picture that we took like 2 years ago over Christmas Break in Hawaii. 
Not sure it turned out the same.
Hunter looks so special in this picture. Haha. He is normal. Here we all are...semi-normal.
February 20th-
Ran some errands and had some fun.  We got Pretty Pillows from Pier 1.  Thanks Mom- LOVE them.  We also ate at In-N-Out which was a little overrated. (Well it always is).  See Bombay House Knows How to Party blog post.  Then we went to Valentine's Day. We originally planned on seeing Dear John but the theatre was too small and packed so we just walked into Valentine's Day! Very funny movie.
February 21st- 
Went to my aunt JaKie's house in Clearfield, UT.  We all had dinner, Kevin played with CaLon and threw him around and gave him "horsebites" (pinching CaLon's leg really hard), had yummy Angelfood cake, and hung out.
February 22nd- 
 I had school and my mom hung out with her sisters.
February 23rd-
Last day. At Costa Vida! I had a yummy chicken enchilada!
Hunter loves just being weird in EVERY picture. Cannot get a normal one haha.
Hunter rocking a Zephyr hat.
Mom & Hunter.
Hunter acting like he is crazy.  He just lost his tooth during this weekend trip.  If you look closely you can see another tooth growing in haha.  He cracks me up.


  1. ash! your family is so cute! your little brother cracks me up. you're beautiful. :]

  2. Happy "late" Birthday again. I'm glad you had a blast with your momma and funny lil bro. I love reading what you have to say. :)

  3. Kaycie! Thanks! Your so nice! And I think we need to have a little lunchy/dinner celebration us two so we can catch up and celebrate our bdayyys...yes?

    Marci- Thanks! Ha your hilarious. I don't think I ever have much good to say but I just talk...A LOT. Anywho- we need to workout! And I can help you with your blog if you still have questions!

  4. oh hunter...he has the best expressions! :)

    what a fun weekend ashley! That swimsuit is going to be PERFECT! I hope you guys make it to KC this summer!

  5. Thanks! Yeah Hunter can pull off any face in a picture...if I tried that wouldn't be so pretty haha. I hope we can come! I'm pretty sure we are. We haven't talked specific dates yet because it depends on work schedules...which we are in the process of getting :) It will be so fun! We should go swimming again with the kiddos!