Baseball Wives

There are 9 Baseball wives this year. That is so many! So we are definately going to do girls nights when the guys are out of town...which is very often! So far we have hung out twice.
We ate at a little Chinese restaurant last Saturday. Well only 5 of us. Here we are after dinner! It was very fun and the food was great! I got Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken.
Me, Taylor Nielson, Dani Hancock, Laura Neil, & Kelly Michon.
AND we made some headbands on Wednesday. Laura Niel, Jana Birch, Kelly Michon, and I were the only ones who could make it that night. It was so much fun!I was shocked I was able to make a few cute ones! I wish I had pictures.  Maybe I will take pictures of my work haha and put them up here.  Kelly is so crafty and taught us how to make them! We also got really hungry after making some and had to run back to the Chinese restaurant again for a break...then made a bunch more!


  1. Woo Woo! Girls Nights- I bet we end up having them when the boys are in town!

  2. wow! so many girls this year! yay for you and for the many girls nights ahead! you guys are awesome! :)