I'm a Karate Girl

So...this is a short story. 

In the middle of the night when Kevin & I were sleeping I was dreaming something weird (as usual) and for some reason I felt like I was being attacked.  All of a sudden I go from deep sleeping to karate-chopping Kevin's arm really hard! He wakes up and is like "What are you doing?!?!" I then realize I am kind of sleep/karate chopping and then apparantly say "I thought you were attacking me" and then go to sleep.

Maybe this doesn't seem completely hilarious to you but dang, when Kevin and I look back on it we just start laughing hysterially.  Because...
1. I knew EXACTLY where to hit him on his arm so it hurt
2. My hands had great form for karate chopping- as in my fingers were closed together to form a 'blade'
3. I hit 'super-speed' -like really fast
4. Hit with the bottom of my 'blade'- so the side closest to my pinky fingers (guess the is the place to hit with)
Here is a visual...wow I am good.

Anyways, Kevin and I think it is hilarious and it pretty much made my day because every time I thought of it I started laughing...good times.


I made my own spring break.

BYU doesn't have spring breaks... never has (well maybe a long time ago) and probably never will.  I am a super uptight student and hate missing school- well I would love to- because 'what if my grades are bad'? So. This semester I didn't care and made my OWN spring break.  [Kevin was out of town for baseball in Washington and Texas so this is why I took this little vaca :)] So, I flew out from Salt Lake City to Denver on a Wednesday night after class and flew home on that Sunday.  So I had Thursday, Friday, Saturday for snowboarding and Sunday for church/hangout.  Oh it was my siblings spring break so that is why we had this nice break and time off.  And we definitely went snowboarding at Copper Mountain Ski Resort (highly recommend it).
Here is a picture of my dad, Zach (yoyo man), and me on the ski lift! Thursday's weather was SOOO nice out..so I stole my brother's LRG Zebra hoody to ride in. Thanks to Patrick!
After a day of riding here we are about to go eat at Pizza Carlos. 
We eat there every time we stay at a condo in Copper, actually.
On a monster chair
Patrick & Zach at Pizza Carlos
Hottubbin- me, my mom, Hunter (in front), Zach
 Lunch break during the coldest day of snowboarding that week! It snowed so much overnight and was still snowing like crazy all day! SO MUCH POWDER!
And Hunter learned how to ski...he was hilarious!!!
He got good but this picture was on the bunny slopes when he was learning. He cracks me up. 
 Hunter said "My legs weren't made for skiing." Love it. HA.
 We were all about to see Hunter go down his first whole green run- not just a little bunny hill with a 'magic carpet' that takes him up a few feet again to then go down the bunny hill.  Thank goodness it only took 10 minutes to get down! That is pretty quick, I guess. 
I'm in the green, Patrick (w/bandana on his face), Zach, Hunter.
 It was so much fun hanging out with my family and snowboarding.  It was a much needed break! And then I got right to business (with schoolwork) when I got back in Provo- which sucked.  I do need to say that COLORADO SNOW is way better than UTAH SNOW. Thankyouverymuch.


BYU Baseball vs. Gonzaga

Kevin did really well in this game! He pitched 3.1 innings! I was watching it on gametracker, they didn't have the radio working- wished they did! I was so stressed and I'm sure he was even more! The score was real close; we won 3-2 so if he let a run in on any of those 3.1 innings we would be tied and in a tight situation.  Thank goodness he focused and doesn't let his head get in the way.  [I don't know how he stays so calm in his head- when I played high school tennis, I would freak out haha]  Here is the article on the game.

Pitchers, Ayoso hang off Zags  
by Ralph R. Zobell, BYU Athletic Communications

Bryce Ayoso hit a solo homer and scored after hitting a double to lead BYU to a 3-2 victory at Gonzaga.   BYU Photo/Mark Philbr
(March 16, 2010)--Freshman Mark Anderson pitcher combined with Kevin Sloan and David McKnight for eight scoreless frames Tuesday as BYU held off Gonzaga, 3-2.

The southpaw picked up his first victory in going five innings after the Bulldogs tied the score two-all in the first. Sloan pitched 3.1 innings of shutout ball before being relieved by McKnight in the ninth. McKnight secured his second save of the year with a strikeout and a game-ending lineout to substitute Stephen Wells in centerfield.

“This was a tough one that was well-pitched on both sides,” said BYU coach Vance Law. “I was proud of Mark (Anderson) who found some extra strength after a rocky start. Instead of just nibbling, he went right after batters.

“It all boils down to pitching and throwing strikes. From the second inning one we got ahead of hitters and got a consistent effort defensively.

“It was critical for our guys to give us an early lead. Austin Hall did a nice job of executing the sacrifice fly in the fourth.”

Washington senior Sean McNaughton led off with a home run in the game's first at bat to give BYU the lead. Three batters later in the cleanup spot Bryce Ayoso made it 2-0 with his solo homer.

Ayoso had a one-out double in the fourth and scored off Hall's sac fly.

The Cougars are now 7-9, while Gonzaga evens to 8-8. BYU now readies for the start of action in the Mountain West Conference as it flies by way of Salt Lake City for a Thursday game at defending champion TCU.

If you want to see the actual article: Click here


Baseball 1st Home Series vs. Washington

I love going to Kevin's baseball games.  They are so much fun!  It is also great that there are so many wives this year so we can sit together.  Here are a few pictures from the first home series vs. Washington.
March 11, 2010- Thursday
BYU won 10-4
Kev & I after the first game- OH and I am not pregnant. I have my hand in awkward place in this picture haha and it looks like I'm holding a baby bump. Nope!
 March 12, 2010- Friday
BYU won 16-4
 CaLon & LuKus- my two crazy boy cousins! They are so funny and cute!
 Me, LuKus (on my lap), CaLon (above making a crazy face), & JaKie (my aunt)
It was very fun having them at the game! It made it more exciting and the weather was great!
After the game with Kevin.

March 13, 2010- Saturday
BYU lost 10-12
This game started off bad...got real good with a lot of bombs and runs...and then we definitely had the momentum and were going to win but it was the 6th inning (I think) and the score was 10-12...and they had to call the game as a win for Washington because of the snow. This game was SOOOO cold! Note to self or anyone: DO NOT wear rain boots w/o really warm socks when it is cold outside or you are going to be outside for a long time... your feet will go numb and hurt! Anyways- the picture is me, Taylor Nielsen, & Kelly Michon.  Kevin did pitch and did pretty well! Here are some pictures:
Can't wait until next home series! They play next weekend (this week too but away), Thursday March 25, Friday March 26, and Saturday March 27.  They will face UNLV.  I will definitely be there...unless I get hired by Nordstroms and may have to work sometime...?? But well see! I HAVE TO BE THERE! If anyone ever wants to go Kevin can get in 4 people for free to each game so let me know!
[Time to check gametracker for tonight's game vs. Gonzaga!]

Sunday Lunch

We used to be in the BYU Married 174th Ward...then we had to move out of that ward to get Katinka.  We didn't want to leave that ward but we couldn't find housing in that area.  So...we had stake conference 2 Sundays ago and afterwards went to Sarah & Ryan Vorwaller's home for lunch.  They were probably the coolest people in that ward! We miss hanging out with them and it was fun to catch up.  They also had Sarah's sister come over and another couple from their ward.  It was very fun! And here is an awkward family picture for you.  I think this picture is hilarious.  I wanted everyone in it so we put the camera on a table and yep turned out like a really awkward family picture! Sarah is in the orange and Ryan is sitting on the floor in front and a cute couple is to the left. Her name is Lara and sorry I forgot her hubbys name!


Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday annnd Kevin was out of town for BYU Baseball.  Their first game was on my birthday (February 19) so he left the day before.  Last year my mom came in town when Kevin was gone during my birthday and she did it again.
February 18th-
Drove to the aiport to pick up my mom.
I had parked in the pick-up area and of course had an annoying encounter of the 
Airport Nazi Police.  It was a her.  Once I pulled up, she ran over and stared at me through my window.  I stared at her and then decided to roll down my window.  She started asking me questions and I said "My mom is right there" and then she left.  I hate Airport Nazi Police.  They are so annoying.  You already know what they are going to say and already know if you stay too long you'll get a ticket.  Somehow she thinks I will stay a long time but I'm just freaking picking up my mom! 
So I see my mom.  I opened the car door and heard her yell "Hunter!" I was like what the heck? Why is my mom calling me Hunter.  Hunter is my younger brother.  And then I also thought she just randomly yelled "Hunter" like she is a crazy person.  Then Hunter popped out and hugged me! It was a complete surprise! So that was very fun! Then the Airport Nazi Police was staring at me so I just threw their bags in the car and hurried my mom and Hunter up.  Hate Airport Nazi Police.

February 19th...my Birthday! 22 years old!
Here is Hunter & me. (His front tooth is loose by the way)
Hunter got me a very cute necklace and a cute notebook from Barnes & Noble.  It has elephants on it (as well as other animals- elephants are my favorite animals!)
My mom & I- Hunter takes awkward pictures haha
She got me a really cute swimsuit, along with some other things.  Here is the swimsuit: My Swimmmsuitt
My mom & I- Dinner at The Spaghetti Factory
We tried to reenact a really weird picture that we took like 2 years ago over Christmas Break in Hawaii. 
Not sure it turned out the same.
Hunter looks so special in this picture. Haha. He is normal. Here we all are...semi-normal.
February 20th-
Ran some errands and had some fun.  We got Pretty Pillows from Pier 1.  Thanks Mom- LOVE them.  We also ate at In-N-Out which was a little overrated. (Well it always is).  See Bombay House Knows How to Party blog post.  Then we went to Valentine's Day. We originally planned on seeing Dear John but the theatre was too small and packed so we just walked into Valentine's Day! Very funny movie.
February 21st- 
Went to my aunt JaKie's house in Clearfield, UT.  We all had dinner, Kevin played with CaLon and threw him around and gave him "horsebites" (pinching CaLon's leg really hard), had yummy Angelfood cake, and hung out.
February 22nd- 
 I had school and my mom hung out with her sisters.
February 23rd-
Last day. At Costa Vida! I had a yummy chicken enchilada!
Hunter loves just being weird in EVERY picture. Cannot get a normal one haha.
Hunter rocking a Zephyr hat.
Mom & Hunter.
Hunter acting like he is crazy.  He just lost his tooth during this weekend trip.  If you look closely you can see another tooth growing in haha.  He cracks me up.



I am so excited to go to a beach...actually don't even know if I will this summer.  But I am excited to wear my new swimsuit.  Thanks mom!
Super cute Betsey Johnson swimsuit tankini. LOVE IT!
That's all I have to say!


Kevin's 2nd Pitching 'WIN' of the season

by Ralph R. Zobell, BYU Athletic Communications

Stephen Wells' homer was his first since returning from a mission.   BYU Photo/Jaren Wilkey

Home Opener vs. Washington on Thursday 

ARLINGTON, Texas (March 6, 2010)—Stephen Wells’ two-run homer in the ninth inning lifted BYU to an 11-10 victory Saturday over UT Arlington in a seesaw game.

The Cougars improve to 4-7, while UT Arlington falls to 4-6. The victory over the Mavericks gave BYU a bookend finish to a five-game week that started earlier in Texas with a win at Baylor.

“I am proud of our effort in continuing to fight back, it is a step in the right direction,” said BYU coach Vance Law. “It would have been easy to fold it up after the eighth.”

Wells, a Washington sophomore outfielder who had not played in a week because of a hamstring injury, belted a shot to rightfield off All-American junior outfielder Michael Choice, who came in as a UTA’s sixth reliever and his first appearance from the mound.

Senior Kevin Sloan picked up his second victory of the season after two save opportunities were blown by other Cougar relievers. He retired the Mavericks in order in the ninth to preserve the win in a game that had several lead changes.

Sean McNaughton got BYU off to a good start with a two-run homer to left centerfield in the third to give the Cougars a 2-0 lead.

The Mavericks tied the game in the third and took a 5-2 lead in the fourth. Cougar freshman hurler Chunner Nyberg rallied with three of his five strikeouts in the fifth and sixth innings.

“Nyberg threw the ball really well and gave us a chance to win,” said Law.

BYU regained the lead in the two-run sixth when Austin Hall led off with a double, followed by a Maverick error, allowing Jonathan Cluff on base. Hall and Cluff scored on a wild pitch and balk, respectively to put BYU up 6-5.

BYU DH Ryan Bernal drew a lead-off walk in the seventh and scored on a Chase Frampton single. Frampton later scored on Hall’s single, increasing the Cougar lead to 8-5.

That margin evaporated in the seventh when Jordan Vaughn and Choice knocked back-to-back solo homers, robbing Nyberg of a probable win as the game was tied eight-all through seven complete.

McNaughton’s double in the eighth paved the way for BYU to take a 9-8 lead. UTA took a 10-9 lead in the eighth with two after Sloan took the mound and intentionally walked Choice as his first batter.

The Cougars return to open the home season on Thursday in a three-game series with Washington.

I miss him.

I will get to see my husband in 4 hours from not seeing him since Monday morning real early! I MISS HIM SO MUCH! He did so well this week pitching. He got a Win in today's game as well. :)
 (We are in Jamaica on our honeymoon here)

Finally...Free stuff!

So I have been planning on doing this post for...a few months, and just never took a picture of all of my free stuff.  I FINALLY did although I have used some of it...so there were a few more things originally not in this picture. Tara Painter (Kevin's sister) told me about this blog- go here: Hip 2 Save . Tara knows all of the good blogs and knows all of the thrifty tips! Basically you go to that site and sign up for freebies, after clicking the one you want and entering your address and information.  MOST of the time you'll receive them and sometimes you won't.  A lot of times you will receive spam (or just promotional emails) from the company that you requested a sample from.  I don't really care about getting a few here and there (it is annoying though) and just delete them or you can click on unsubscribe.  So request samples at your risk.  It is nice to get free things because little random crap you buy at the store add up! Haha so try it!

Here is a picture of MOST of the things I've received, but not all :)

Samples I have received:
  • St. Ive's face scrub with a coupon
  • Aveda travel size shampoo, conditioner, and lotion
  • Stacy's Pita Chips
  • Pedometer (step counter that you wear and it counts your steps) from Tylenol
  • Keep Moving Exercise DVD from Tylenol
  • 3 Playtex Gentle Glide Tampons with a $1 off coupon
  • 3 Playtex Sport Tampons with a $1 off coupon
  • 3 Tampax Pearl Tampons with a $2 off coupon
  • Tons more Tampon samples in the past...seriously don't even have to buy any haha! That tampon industry is competitive!
  • 2 samples of Prilosec OTC (4 tablets)- treats heartburn - thanks to Walmart.com
  • Green Works Natural Laundry Detergent -1 load and a $1 off coupon
  • Over $35 in 'Refresh your nest for less' Savings Coupon booklet- coupons for: Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Mr. Clean, Swiffer (brands that your likely to use)
  • Ultimate Nutrition booklet and 'Red Zone' multi-ingredient supplement (3 caplets)- I showed Kevin this when I got it in the mail because I laughed real hard when I saw the booklet.  On it were two WAY overly buff workout-aholic men.  I told Kevin I would turn out that way and then he said that I couldn't take that 'Red Zone' stuff because apparently its really bad for you! So I thought that was actually funny.
  • Living Proof frizz styling cream 'straight making for medium to thick hair'
  • Head & Shoulders classic clean shampoo & class clean conditioner
  • Chandra Face Care- 1. Almond & Geranium Moisturizer (normal skin). 2. Macadamia with Lotus Moisturizer (anti-aging blend)
  • Philosophy "the gingerbread man" shower gel (Philosophy is found at Sephora and Ulta type of stores)
  • Gold Bond Ultimate Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer with a 55 cent off coupon
  • Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats -immunity support- Dog wafer treats (perfect for Katinka!)
  • Breathe Right Extra Strips (you put on your nose and helps you breathe better and snore less...haven't tried them yet!)
  • Metamucil Fiber Supplement 'Clear & Natural' Clear-mixing powder
  • Metamucil Fiber Supplement 'Berry Burst' & 'Pink Lemonade' flavored
  • Hellmann's light mayonnaise (can't believe I requested it) and a $1 off coupon
  • Benefiber Fiber Supplement 'Orange' flavor and a $2 coupon 
  • 6 free chapsticks from PETA (I actually won this from RT'ing (re-tweeting) a Twitter post from PETA).  Currently only have 2.  Katinka is a FAN of eating chapsticks! I have 'Animals Out of the Act Tangerine' tangerine scented chapstick and the other is 'No S'more Animal Testing' which is s'more scented
  • Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads with a $1 off coupon
  • Always pads and pantiliners with a coupon
  • Cream of Wheat sample with a $1 off coupon
  • 3 WeightWatchers magazines
I have actually won 2 items from DivaVillage.com
  • Intimo by Wet 'Kitty and total Body Shave Kreme'- a fancy shaving cream
  • Queen Bee t-shirt by Southern Brand Clothing
I recommend requesting samples if you have a few extra minutes (like in class) or if you just want to. :)


Baseball Wives

There are 9 Baseball wives this year. That is so many! So we are definately going to do girls nights when the guys are out of town...which is very often! So far we have hung out twice.
We ate at a little Chinese restaurant last Saturday. Well only 5 of us. Here we are after dinner! It was very fun and the food was great! I got Sweet 'n' Sour Chicken.
Me, Taylor Nielson, Dani Hancock, Laura Neil, & Kelly Michon.
AND we made some headbands on Wednesday. Laura Niel, Jana Birch, Kelly Michon, and I were the only ones who could make it that night. It was so much fun!I was shocked I was able to make a few cute ones! I wish I had pictures.  Maybe I will take pictures of my work haha and put them up here.  Kelly is so crafty and taught us how to make them! We also got really hungry after making some and had to run back to the Chinese restaurant again for a break...then made a bunch more!



I eat crap. Like Oreos, chocolate chip cookie dough icecream, croissant rolls, German Chocolate cake, lots of carbs aka breads... and I was browsing through blogs such as the BYU Womens Resources and Services (because I am looking for ways to get involved in mental health and hopefully get a job at a rehab place eventually) and saw this:
So I called because I should eat better and I have no idea what I am eating really.  I know it tastes good. One Oreo equals 70 calories. And it is just good to eat healthy and exercise so you can live longer and not become obese. Not like I will. But it is just good to eat healthy and get in those habits so you don't have to worry later about your blood pressure and cholesterol and all that.  
Went to the appointment today and it was pretty helpful. Learned about the Food Pyramid.  I definately am eating too many grains (pasta/bread/potatoes) and too much sweet or discretionary calories...haha. So it was good. I would recommend it unless you are already an amazing eater. But I really knew nothing.  I just ate what I wanted! Can't always do that.
Here is their blog if you want to go to it: