Pretty Pillows

My mom bought Kevin & I fabulous pillows from Pier 1.  She said my couch looked naked, and it did.  I have been wanting pillows for awhile now...so bad!  And Kevin is like we don't need pillows!!! Of course haha.  Anyways, my mom was in town for my Birthday and se went to Pier 1 and there were a lot of cute ones and they sure had a selection.  But we had to look around for the best deal.  We did take a peek at Bed, Bath, & Beyond which didn't have any cute ones. I suggested going to TJ Maxx and we almost did but was like nope, we know what we want and here they are.
PS. Where's the snowman? (Like Where's Waldo...but with a snowman...It's Katinka's present)
THANKS MOM for the super great pillows!!! And we know which pillow Kevin likes. The most boring one that is actually the MOST comfortable one aka the brown filler one.


  1. cuuuuuuuute pillows!

    i just got some new ones too...totally spruce up the place! :)

  2. Oh for sure! We haven't had pillows so I AM SO EXCITED! HA. Gotta love things like this that you only care when your married...well I didn't think about it when I was single...lol. I wanna see pics of your pillows!