Pray for Hawaii...and Chile...and Haiti. MY SISTER IS THERE!

My sister is in Hawaii! She is going to school at BYU-Hawaii and everyone is evaucated from their homes IF they live near the coast. She has a really bad spot for her house because it is right by a canal. So she left everything she has (and said bye) and is riding in the back of some of her friends truck going somewhere... (She has texted me this). Hasn't gotten food because the grocery lines are too long. And nobody is driving on the roads....I think they are already up on high grounds but it is supposed to hit at 11am their time, so around 4ish here? I don't know when here. Actually I kind of do:

Interesting picture now....but Kelsi is on the left and her friend is with her! 
They were at some surf competition.
Please pray for the Chilean people in their 8.8 magnitude earthquake and now all of the Pacific area who are on tsunami watch!
 Hopefully something happens and this WONT be gone:

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