Photography by Amanda Castleberry

Try Amanda for your photographer. She is fabulous. Plus she is one of my bffs :) 
Click Amanda Castleberry Photography to see her blog!
She was extremely nice enough to even think about me for one of her Photography assignments.  I think she needed a really white girl with dark hair lol.  She is majoring in Photography at BYU and really talented! And she is the nicest girl ever!


  1. dude! thanks for the plug in! :) and i didn't need you because you are white with dark hair, i used you because you are beautiful!!
    PS- I may do some way awesome shots with you and katinka in the studio!!

  2. No prob! Haha you are a good photographer!!! Sounds good just let me know if you ever need us (Katinka...) That would be the funniest photoshoot ever. What kind of things do you do with animals and people?