Perks of being a BYU Athlete

Well one perk is each semester they get money for clothes! Whaat?? Yep, they used to get $150 but now they get $100 but hey $100 for clothes is sweet! I would GLADLY spend that! So Kevin & I went to the mall then dinner for a date night.  Kevin got:
  • Gap Plaid Shirt- actually this shirt is in the picture of Kev & I (Super Bowl blog post)
  • Sweet jeans from Macys
  • A neat V-neck T-shirt from Macys- which is a FIRST for Kevin. Kevin is kind of weirded out by V-necked shirts but for some reason he liked this one. I think it looks good, and I think it is a step in the right direction.  Kevin loves sweats. That's mainly all he wears...thanks to sports his whole life, and playing Baseball at BYU. And it doesn't help that BYU Baseball gives them TONS of athletic clothes (that say BYU Baseball on them) and he wears them...all the time.
  • And he has like $10 left...so we'll go get something this week to use that up
And then we went to Mimi's Cafe! Um I love this place. I love their free rolls and banana bread with raisins and other things in it.  Here we are.
I love life!


  1. Haha don't forget about groceries!

    - I know exactly what you mean about the sweats, but since B got into the business school I have been suggesting that he dress a little nicer, its finally paying off a little. haha. But those sweats are so comfy.

  2. hahaha my husband is weirded out by v-necks too!! I think they're cute!!

  3. Kelly- Oh the groceries are so great! Ah seriously food is so expensive, especially when your husband eats SO much.
    Samantha- Does he have any V-necks? Ha Idk what it is about our husbands...well its just funny. LOL