So I applied, on a whim, for the Nordstroms Retail Sales Associate Internship.  Got a phone interview. Passed. Now am waiting to get a real interview scheduled. Would you work here? It is a top Fortune 100 company and apparantly is a great company to work for...not sure if corporate would be better, but I don't know.  Just randomly applied because a) need a job. 2) dont need a job now but later like in the spring/summer. 3) Saw an opening and it was easy to apply. So who knows where I'll work. I want to work at Center for Change or a rehab place similar to that...more than Retail. But yep. Well see! So main question: Would you work here, as in Nordstrom's? Fashion is awesome :)


  1. I would for sure work for Nordstrom...major discount! :) Love it! How well do they pay?

  2. i think you would LOVE that job (although it would be so hard not to spend all the money you make there! haha)

    i had a few friends who worked there in college and i know they LOVED the commission check during the annual sale! :) sweet!

  3. Sarah- I don't know how they pay. I know it is off of commission and I turned down The Buckle Sales/Management Internship last summer bc of that...and I didn't know if I could do it (that far in advance-they gave it to me in November for the summer!), so probably a base rate plus comission? If I work there you have to come see me! By the way I LOVE your Blogger profile pic...YOU look soooo good!!!
    Tara- I know! It would be so hard not to spend it! That is one concern of mine...lol and Kevin's. But hey I would have cute clothes right? That's all that matters? Haha just kidding, but you do have to look good at work haha. Well see. But that is good to know your friends liked it...I don't know anyone who has worked there!

  4. omg the indian restaurant was SO FUN. can we go back all the time please? and do you even have to ask if you should take a job at nordstroms? HELLO? do you remember freshman year at all? we would go there constantly! that is amazing...congratulations! and im excited to hang out this weekend...