Mommy daughter time!

My Mom & Me
She came for a weekend with my brother Patrick & his friend Kyle Cordain.  Patrick & Kyle went skiing everyday with Kelsi's ex-boyfriend, Taylor Dame.  So my mom chilled with me and Kevin (when he wasn't at Baseball). 
Here we are at The Bombay House.  We ate TWICE at The Bombay House during the weekend.  It is an Indian restaurant... I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! My mom and I always get Chicken Tikka Masala with Nan (flatbread)! Highly recommend it! Click Bombay House for location and directions.
This is Patrick, my brother, and his friend Kyle. They would NOT smile for a picture or anything so this is pretty impressive, to have this picture. They actually aren't covering their faces!  Oh and they just got back from snowboarding so that is why they are looking "bumm-y" ha. Gotta love the after snowboarding hair. 
Kev & I! LOVE him! 
My mom and I found a new favorite place to shop.  It is a little boutique called Cherry Lane Keepsakes.  We went there to browse and ended up staying there for two hours!!! My mom got some purses and I got a cute black one! I also got the flower necklace (in the picture above) and the headband! The hat my mom is wearing she got there too.  The picture doesn't do it justice and fades it out, but it is sweet!!! It has so much cool stuff! I also recommend it lol. Click Cherry Lane Keepsakes to see what they have or go there- it's in Provo off of University by next to The Bombay House, Board of Provo, and 7/11.
We had a lot of fun just chilling and we also went to my Uncle's birthday party.  My mom's sister JaKie's husband is Aaron (my uncle).  It was a Rockband party so we wore Ed Hardy, True Religion jeans, and bling accessories and a LOT of makeup.  I love Rockband....so fun! And the good thing is my mom is coming back for my birthday (in like 2 weeks!)

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