Katinka's new game for us, that is a little bit scary

Katinka's game is... Getting stuck behind our couch and crying until we get her!
The first time she did this Kevin was home.  He hadn't seen Katinka for awhile and then started frantically looking for her throughout our apartment.  Then he heard whimpering in our tv room...and found her stuck behind our couch in the crack.  Kevin told me this story and I thought it was sad but super cute haha.  Especially because Kevin got really scared.  Then she started doing it everyday, like right after she just got unstuck (thanks to us moving the couch)...and so far it's been a few days since she's gotten stuck.  It's kind of funny and she doesn't bark or anything but she starts like crying....but I took some pictures of her in the crack, I think she's freaking cute.
Here she is...stuck.
Here she is coming out of the couch.


  1. haha...i think she likes the drama of the situation...and maybe she just likes to make Kevin nervous! :)

  2. Haha I have no idea. It is kind of funny. Especially how Kevin told me was sooo worried because he couldn't find her!