Incase you were wondering.

my top 10
1. Family (includes Katinka)
2. Reality TV
3. Shopping and buying...
4. Rain & Snow
5. Vacations
6. Ethnic food
7. Date nights
8. Home decor (which I haven't fully gotten into yet because it isn't free you know)
9. Sleeping in
10. Leaving the gym after a good workout

my top not
1. Bugs like spiders
2. Boring homework especially essays
3. Holding back from being a consumer
4. Puppy accidents aka little poops and pees
5. No parking spots at BYU
6. Doing anything when I'm tired
7. Messy home or dirty dishes/laundry
8. Not enough hours in the day
9. Annoying people on campus when your trying to read
10. Computer issues

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