I would like this

I would like this shirt please. Only $128. At Nordstroms. And looks super cute. More than this picture shows. I think it would be perfect to stroll around in Europe wearing. Oh wait I am going to Europe this summer. My mom & I tried this on 'for fun' and it was not fun leaving it in the dressing room.
On Nordstroms' website below this t shirt: "You'll never pay more. At Nordstrom, we are committed to offering you the best possible prices." Hmmm. :) I guess this is in SAVVY. Oh and I didn't get the internship BECAUSE...I am going to be gone during their Anniversary/Semi-Annual Sale, one of those.  Ill just be gone July 1-16.  So if you want this internship (now that I don't get it) I think you have until midnight tonight to apply for their Retail Sales Associate Internship.  BUT he wants me to come in and interview for a position, possibly at Savvy.  Good thing I've never bought anything in that section because it is so freaking expensive! (Like this shirt).  I could probably sell their stuff to some rich people, but who knows. The pay is commission based.

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