Incase you don't know, well you should, I loveeee COLORADO! The flag above is obviously Colorado :) I hung one up in my freshman dorms here at BYU and also sophomore year. Love that flag. It is way better than Utah. I grew up in Fort Collins aka FoCo.  FoCo is really where were from.  It is so common and everyone knows what that means.  I just found this list on my facebook note and I'm deleting it so I thought I'd put it here. 

You know you're from Colorado when...

♥You have absolutely no recognizable accent.
♥If the humidity gets above 25%, you consider it "muggy".
♥You are the third car to run a red light after it has changed.
♥You think only stupid people get lost in your town.
♥If it rains more than 2 days straight you compare the weather to being in Seattle.
♥You carry your $3,000 mountain bike on top of your $500 car.
♥You think "South Park" is a place to stop for gas on your way to the mountains.
♥You get depressed after one day of foggy weather.
♥North means "mountains to the left;" south "mountains to the right;" and east and west are where all those darned liberals keep moving in from.
♥You go anywhere else on the planet and the air feels "sticky" and you notice the sky is no longer blue.
♥You think gun control is a steady hand.
♥You can run up 10 flights of stairs without huffing and puffing.
♥You can drive over a 12,000 foot pass in 4 feet of snow, but can't get to work if there are 4 inches of snow.
♥April showers bring May blizzards.
♥You know what a "rocky mountain oyster" is.
♥A bear on your front porch doesn't bother you nearly as much as a Democrat in Congress does.
♥People from other states breathe 5 times as often as you do.
♥You've gone skiing in July. You've gone sunbathing in January. They were both in the same year.
♥You never pack away your coat and sweaters.
♥You love your Broncos, your Avs, your Nuggets, Rockies.
♥If it snows in the morning you expect it to be gone by lunchtime.

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  1. Colorado is the best!!! Hands down. When are you going to move back here?!