Ethic Cuisine

Kev & I went on a date. A date to a little Korean restaurant called Sam Hawk.  It is a little restaurant off Freedom in Provo.  It is actually near Shirley's Bakery (which has BOMB sweet rolls) and Honk's dollar store if you know where those are.  Oh the reason why we ate there was because it was a recommendation from Kevin's athletic trainer, Kaz.  Kaz is Japanese but likes Korean food.  Kevin asked him, while getting a massage after practice, where is a good Asian restaurant? And that was the answer.  I think Kaz was really excited we were eating there because Kevin was texting him and Kaz kept asking us what we ordered and giving us recommendations. 
I love eating at little oriental places.  Anything ethnic. Indian food. Curry.  I actually haven't tried Thai. Anywho, it was fun.  The service was so slow there! So it kind of rushed our plans but it was okay.  The food was pretty good.  We didn't really know what everything was though haha. There were these spicy raisin/bean things that apparently are not the best if you don't normally eat them....and Kevin ate them lol.
This is kind of what our food looked like.  Well, some of it.  I didn't take this picture but found it on the Web, thanks to good ol' Google.

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