BYU Baseball starts...and then I'm alone!

So sad that Kevin will be basically away all semester long.  But he is going to be playing BYU Baseball. BYU Baseball is probably the most traveled sport at BYU...and probably everywhere as well.  The reason is because of series, playing 2/3 games or whatever.  BYU Basketball (or Football) only has a certain number of games but for every game in Basketball there are 2-3, if that makes sense.  And this semester they miss 30 days OF school, not just days during the semester.  I don't know how they pass their classes...Kevin basically does just as good as me, if not better, in classes and grades...he is a genius! Good thing. Here is Kevin's baseball picture for this year.  And I hope you didn't see last years picture...(mustache, no smile)...
 Anyways here comes a bunch of girls nights (if I can convince them to get away from their dates and boys) and sleeping with Katinka in our big bed...so if you ever want to hangout I'm totally down!  And we can do sleepovers...I have a second bedroom with bunk beds!  ALSO if anyone wants to go to BYU Baseball games (first home game is in March) let me know because I will try to make it to most of them (when I'm not in school obviously and taking tests and such).  And Kevin can get you on the list if you don't have a BYU Student Sports Pass so that means you get in free.  :)  GO BYU BASEBALL!

http://www.byucougars.com/baseball/ <--Click to see the players, schedules, and BYU Baseball news


  1. aw this is sad!!! I still don't know how they do school... crazy!!

  2. I know, Kevin is never at school. I feel so bad for him. And not all teachers are flexible with them. His finance teacher is saying he can't take the first Midterm already...thank goodness for free tutors for athletes!

  3. ahh ashley...you are so supportive!

    i can't imagine how hard this must be. i hope you have lots of fun girlie nights.

    here's to the last baseball semester!