Bombay House knows how to party

I had a fabulous dinner party with girls for my day-late birthday party! We all went to the Bombay House. I actually talked about my love for the Bombay House in a previous post... because whenever my mom is in town we eat there.  And my mom came in town for my birthday!  If you still haven't eaten there, please try it.  It is so worth it and very tasty! To learn more about them Click here . I thought this night was SO much fun! Probably the best time I've ate at the Bombay House, actually it was the best.  And it was so hilarious. Here is the story...
My lovely friends Nancy Jones (who was my freshman room mate :)) and Amanda Castleberry (the fabulous photographer I wrote about in an earlier post)! So glad they could come!
Favorite Old roomies- Shayla Forsey & Brady Baccocio.  Shayla stole Hunter's Nintendo DSI...and she is looking super great playing his games! Love the ZHATS Product Placement too ;)
Other beautiful ladies- Alexandra Sullivan & Camille Gardner
The group of ladies and my little brother Hunter! Hunter is always loving the ladies.  He kept asking if I could see if any of them wanted to hangout after dinner...and no one could lol he wanted to keep hanging out with them all!
The best part of the night was Lucky Toor. He was our waiter and he is from Punjab, India.  Camille (in yellow above) lived in India for a bit working doing humanitarian aid such as working at a leprosy colony and she was asking him certain words in his language and whatnot.  Somehow I just asked if he knew Indian dance and he said yes.  Well I asked because I am in Folk dance and know dances from all around the world...including Indian! We actually just learned 2 classical Indian dances in my Advanced Folk Dance class at BYU and just tested them this past Monday.  So I know all of the sweet hand positions and technique...to the best of the ability that any American can do.  In India their classical Indian dancers train since they are really young.  There is so much technique and not everyone can dance like them.  There are like 46 different facial expressions, 15 ways to move your nose, 30 ways to move your eyes that each mean different things, and 10 ways to move your mouth...etc...so it is VERY technical.  Anyways, I wanted to see him do an Indian dance. Then he asked for a partner and since it was my birthday, somehow I got volunteered.  Good thing I'm outgoing enough to just do it. 
 It doesn't look like were dancing but we are.  He wanted me to do weird moves haha. He is just looking away in this picture. So after this was over... the embarrassment was done.  I'm just glad that the dance moves were like this because when he said he needed a partner I was wondering what that meant. And Kevin was out of town for BYU Baseball...Ha.
 I think Lucky liked Camille. Look at him looking at her!
Then somehow it came up that Lucky thought we were having a dance party and the other employees wanted to join.  Lucky said he would change the music (from normal Indian in the background).  Then all of a sudden techno music came on and he brought out a dessert! It was an interesting mango ice cream thing! Here it is!
 So they tried to get us to dance so Camille & I went up and he was showing us some "Indian" moves..not sure how Indian they were.  Then he said "Bhangra" and Amanda and I learned in Folk Dance a Bhangra dance.  So I told her to come up and we are doing it right here except for she is cut out of the picture...sorry girl :( I wish we had more pics! So this was hilarious.  You can see all of the employees watching...and people were peaking over to see what was going on in the back!
 Then it was picture time. Lucky got out his phone camera and the employees wanted in on the pictures.  Here is some of the employees!!! And Chantell Perry (who came later), Camille, and Nancy!
Lucky kept telling us to add him on Facebook.  He said his name is Lucky Toor.  And when he got a picture of us he said "Facebook Profile Picture!" Here he is posing with Brady & Alexandra. I love Alexandra's face.
Here is the group + employees. And THANKS girls for the balloons and card- it was so obnoxious hahah
Thanks everyone for coming! Hope you had fun...and liked the Indian food :)

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