Bachelor Party! (as in Jake- The Bachelor tv show...)

Final 3 ladies...and poor Gia gets eliminated. She was such a sweetie! And such a NEW YORKER!
We went to a guy on the BYU Baseball teams condo to watch The Bachelor...and it was so fun! Everyone rolled their own sushi. I don't like sushi. BUT I liked this kind. It even had crab! Yikes. Sushi rolls were composed of: cream cheese, cucumber, crab, seaweed of course, rice, crazy spice/seasonings, orangeish sauce, some kind of lettuce I think, and that is it.  Here is Kevin showing off his sushi roll= PERFECTION.
Thank goodness I converted Kevin to The Bachelor! We get in heated discussions sometime about which girls we like! Hehe. True. By the way...did anyone see 'The Women Tell All' with Rozlyn coming out denying everything?!?! WOW! "Riddle me this Chris..." So funny and so pathetic.

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