Annual Sloan Super Bowl Party!

 Colts vs. Saints.
Each year Kevin plans a HUGE Super Bowl Party. This is the 2nd Annual Sloan Super Bowl Party he's thrown since we've been married.  I think he may remember our anniversary by how many Super Bowl Parties he throws...haha except for we've been married 1 year, not 2.  But still.  Last year and this year, friends from his freshman ward come over, mainly most are married.  He goes grocery shopping the day before and buys a ton of groceries...like A LOT. I didn't take like any pictures...Bad me. But afterwards I took one of him and Bryce. Below. And one of me and Kev.
Here is Kev & Bryce.  Bryce was one of Kev's best men in our wedding! Bryce is living in Texas right now working and was up to visit, actually for his Grandfather's funeral, but he stayed with us for a few days.
Here is Kev & I. We were twinners because we're both wearing plaid! I picked out his outfit...and well I guess I picked mine out too haha. Kind of weird but who cares (the fact were both wearing plaids that majorly clash!)
 So, I don't really care about the Super Bowl.  I didn't even know what teams were playing before the game started. I watch more of the commercials than the game.  In my Marketing class we talked about the Super Bowl before hand and he gave us printed off packets talking about all of the commercials that were going to be ran during the game, so I looked at some of those. Oh I thought the Tim Tebow commercial wasn't really controversial at all.  Apparently it was an anti-abortion ad but wasn't too obvious.  And I didn't like the commercial that was all about the recycling/energy efficient light bulb Environmental police.  I will use my resources as much as I can! Who cares about recycling if it takes too much time up! And I will fill up my gas hog with as much gas as I can and drive my Commander all around letting out bad things into the air!  Freaking environmentalists and liberals...yikes.  One thing I was proud of during the game, well wasn't the game haha, but I pretty much cleaned up ALL of the dishes (which was A LOT) during half-time and the end of the game.  That was amazing because Kevin cooked so much food, and I mean so much.
We had:
  •  Little sausages in Barbeque sauce
  • Triscuits with cream cheese & proscuitto (raw ham?)
  • Triscuits with fresh mozerella & balsamic vinegar
  • Triscuits with chedder cheese, pear, & poppyseed dressing
  • Pears
  • Chips & Spinach dip
  • Chips &  normal chip dip
  • Grapes
  • Velveeta/Meat (Rotel he calls it?) sauce with chips - made in the Crock Pot
  • Olives (which Kevin is usually the only person who eats them because he's the only person who likes them)
  • Kabobs: marinated chicken in Italian dressing, marinated steak in Italian dressing, squash, cucumbers, carrots, red peppers, and probably something else I'm forgetting
That's about it. It was a fun afternoon!

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