Puppy Love

Katinka's best friend is Kita, the Japanese Chin that my family owns.  They were bffs when they met this summer and were way young (12 weeks oldish).  Over Christmas break they got to see each other! I just found a few cute puppy pictures so I thought I'd share them. 
Here is Katinka in her sweater Kathy (Kevs mom) got her for Christmas. The funniest thing was when Katinka first wore it.  Kevin put it on her and she sat there pissed.  She wouldn't move or anything.  All of Kev's family was there and laughing at her! She just was pissed haha. She didn't like the turtleneck sweater! But now I think she is okay with it, for the most part.

Here is Katinka closing her eyes and I think it is hilarious.

Here is a funny picture of Kita (hiding under the bed) and getting Katinka! They like to bite each other and play.  Katinka is getting bitten here!

Here is Tiffany Christensen's puppy. I think his name was Little DOG! They were hilarious. Little dog is a chihuahua/weiner dog mix.

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